Nexus Biographies


The Kidnapping of Revels

~Eighth Moon, Eighth Sun, Fourty-Seventh Year of Yuri's Reign~

The Spies, in all their cruelty, have taken a dear friend and Muse from our ranks. Revelle d'Literit has been kidnapped, and is being held in the interrogation room of the Stealth Grotto. A ransom of ten million coins has been demanded by the Spy Guild.

It happened during the Revel, in which I, having stayed behind to tend to some circle business, had come across a huge fleet of rats in the woods where we reside! Remembering the Spies' recent threats, I rushed to the theater, quietly calling the Muses (sans Revels, who, of course, had the Revel to run) to the circle to deal with such pesky rodents.

As we left the theater, we encountered a huge fleet of horse-mounted peasants--Spies in disguise. As we rushed towards the circle, in the confusion, only to see a few dwindling rats remain, we heard the scream of Revels from the theater. The Spies had done their deed, in quite a cunning fashion.

We attempted to intercept them at their Stealth Grotto, but they were quite quick. As we pushed through their initial guards and gates, it seemed we would have a chance; however, the door to their inner chambers is locked shut, and not even the greatest of our pyrotechnics could budge it. As the community rallied behind us, demanding her release, we heard her screams echo through the grotto, as the Spies took their dagger to her palm, scarring her.

My birthday has nearly arrived, and the Muses and I wish for nothing more than to celebrate it with the safe return of Lady Revelle. Ten million coins is a small price to pay for that.


~Muse Maestra~