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The Rage of the ACORN!! GRRRRRR...

((First attempt at a story =P))

*grabs brew and sits back*

I must say that it takes ALOT to get me angry. I like to have fun so anger doesn't suit me well. But I must say that here have been times where I've wanted to RIP the innards out of some townies. This story will be about one of those times...

One day, I took one of my rare visits to Buya to restock on supplies and stop at a near by tavern for a cup of brew. On the way, I spotted a large number of squirrels running about. I thought "What luck" being that I collect acorns. So I took out my trusty Electra and started taking the nasty squirrels out. But, just as I started, a flock of young townies came and started taking all the squirrels. I stood there and watched them as they slapped and slapped at the lil squirrels. I was a little annoyed, but I didn't want to slaughter the youngins over acorns, so I took my leave.

After I finished grabbing my supplies and taking my drink, I started back on my long trip to home. Once again, I spotted a large number of squirrels. This time, I looked around for people. Thankfully there were none to bother me in my venture. So, I took out my first squirrel. It gave me a FINE acorn. YES, this is what I was looking for! The acorns in the towns were a much better quality to those in my home. So I took them out, one by one. I knew I wouldn't be happy unless I killed at least a hundred of the nasty buggers so I slashed and slashed away. One by one the squirrels fell. When I was done, I let out a battle cry "ROOOAAARRRRRR". But, in the midst of my celebration, the same youngins came and started picking up my spoils. That was it, I couldn't take it anymore. I looked at them, energy from my slaughter and anger at the townies filled me. I could feel the anger coarsing through my veins. My armor felt tight as my muscles bunched up. I grabbed my sword and charged at the filthy theives. The first to spot me fell to their knees. "Please don't kill me!" the little warrior said. I had no mercy. I slashed him down with one swipe. "ACCOORRRNNNSS!!!" I yelled while I took them out. The little mage with them tried to freeze me, but I broke free and took his arms off with one swipe. "TRY CASTIN WITH NO ARMS!!" I yelled. The mage screamed and passed out. The poet cried and ran away. I grabbed a near by rock and threw with all my might. It struck her in the head and she fell. I ran there and picked her up over my head. With a strong heave, I threw her over the kingdom wall. The last one left was the little rouge. He saw me comming toward him. I laughed...he cried. As I ran toward him, he raced up a tree that was near him. "Think that will stop MEEEE???" I yelled. I went to my pack and drew out my axe. "WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I started chopping down the tree. After three strong strikes, it was down. The rouge fled, dropping the pouch of acorns he had. I grabbed the bag. "YESSSSS, my ACORNS!!!" And then I noticed the damage I caused in my anger. All I could think was.......It was WORTH IT, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

The end ^^ ((dun kill me Cheetah =P))

~Acorn Queen~