Nexus Biographies


Surviving the Sun

A Tale of Courage and Wealth

My god I have aged since the beginning of my quest for the power of the sun. I began sometime in Yuri 54. Shortly after capturing the wind and weaving it into the impressive Wind platemail, I approached Tebaek in hopes that I had the power to earn the Sun scale mail. I was told it wasn't that easy I would have to complete seven trials. Against my better judgment I told him that I was more than willing to take on this task.

Northern Ogre Cave: Slaughter House

My first task was to kill 60 ogres of frost and 60 ogres of ice. Knowing the task would be difficult I decided to employ the help of the Bear clan. I asked my fellow bears for help and a kind poet volunteered to help me slay the ogres. We traveled to the Artic land and as we exited the comfortable confines of Haeng Tavern, a sudden burst of cold air penetrated my Wind platemail. Already this harsh land was weakening me, but there were tougher battles to be fought up ahead.

I gazed upon the cave that I only dared enter once during a clan hunt. The creatures within although strong only wielded mostly weapons and armor, rather than the experience most groups were after. Cautiously we entered, and we were almost immediately attacked by a barrage of Northern ogres. All I could see was cold fists swinging at me; gripping my Spike I retaliated and brought several of the ogres to their doom before I saw the poet being attacked. I darted towards them and freed the poet form their grip.

Once all the ogres were dispatched we moved deeper and deeper into the cave. Then I saw it the first of many Frost ogres I was sent to slay. Beside him another frosty came into view and surrounding them were several Northern ogres. I felt my arms relax and I knew that my skills at flanking and backstabbing had decreased. I was ready to enter fray and the poet began to distract the northern ogres so that I had room to attack the two lone Frost ogres. With relative ease I defeated them and went to distract the ogres attacking the poet. Carefully I slashed at them so that I would not accidentally kill one. Finally I persuaded one to follow me and a small gateway was opened for the poet to escape through.

We continued on our way killing about thirty frosties before we reached a room far in the back cave where only Frost and Ice ogres roamed. I continued counting as each ogre fell at me feet. 40 frosties, 10 ice, 45 frosties, 25 ice, 50 frosties, 40 ice, 60 frosties! Half my labor was completed. Knowing that Tebaek would allow me to kill approximately 40 extra frosties, I only killed them when I needed to. Finally the time came when I slayed the required 60 ice ogres.

Dip into the Savings

Tebaek was quite satisfied with my work and once again sent me on another quest to prove my wealth as well as get items necessary to forge the armor properly. Personally I think he used the items for himself. He asked for 20 White Ambers, 2 Titanium gloves, 2 Corrupted blades, and 4 Electras. Fortunately I was able to make enough money by selling my broiled fish (this was before the local merchants of the community started buying them for 50 coins a piece). After buying the Ambers and Corrupted blades I made a trip to see what the muck and slime ogres where up to and I earned 2 Electras, and bought the remaining two I needed.

Tedious Challenges

Tebaek thought it would be funny to send me out to kill the innocent rabbits of the kingdoms. Although I believed it was a dreadful thing to do, I obeyed. He asked me to kill exactly 200 of the creatures which was quite difficult because I couldn't kill anything else due to the fact that he could only analyze the blood of the last 200 creatures I've killed. Avoiding the temptation to kill the many wolfs that were trying to kill the numerous people of low insight who thought it would be in there best interest to bother the animal. I searched around Kugnae but there were not spots where a substantial amount of rabbits could be found.

Finally I made up my mind to head over to Buya. The reason why I had chosen to live in Kugnae all my life was that it was larger and had less people then Buya despite the fact Prince M'hul always said Kugnae had a bigger population. I gritted my teeth and forged my way through the swarms of people. After much searching I found a nice spot by the poet's guild and began to work my way up to 200.

Once I finished killing the poor bunnies, I headed back to Tebaek. He once again set forth a challenge to kill 200 of a certain animal, in this case it was squirrels. Not only did he ask this he also asked to return to him with 14 gold acorns. I merely stepped out the door of the guild and began killing squirrels.

When I was sure I killed 200 I had 6 gold acorns and rather then kill more squirrels I decided to make a note on the Buy board saying that I was buying 7 gold acorns for 7k. I headed to Mythic Nexus and saged my purchase as well. When I was about to give up someone sold me the seven I needed all at once. Happy that one more step of the quest was completed I headed back to Tebaek. Test of Strength

It's been a long time since I killed those squirrels. Tebaek asked me to win two carnages which most people are usually prepared for, however I wasn't. It took me several Yuris to earn the right to continue on to the next step.

Challenging the Masters of Mythic Monkey

I was still bruised from fighting the frost and ice ogres when Tebaek sent me to kill the two masters of the Mythic Monkey cave.

Once again my memory has failed me in remembering the first mage who helped me. Anyways we ventured into the cave and found the Monkey basher waiting to bash someone, I suppose. He took one look at us and decided he didn't like us all that much. That's ok I didn't like him that much either.

I charged towards him and hacked away at the agile monkeys who decided that they'd rather die then see that fate befall their master. I reached him and he began to viciously attack with his nun-chucks (or however you spell them *smiles*). Using his magical powers he hit me and sent a surge of poison down my veins. It was only a meager set back though as my mage purged me once he had the chance. The battle continued and I began to wear him down. From my past encounters with the bosses of Mythic I knew that he would start healing himself once he got weak enough. Using the abilities at my disposal I pin pointed the time when his vita would be susceptible to a whirlwind attack. Well still keeping an eye on his vita, I kept fighting and then the moment came, Sa-AAA~~! Monkey basher fell at my feet and wielded many goodies which I used as my mages reward for helping me.

Unfortunately pressing matters forced the mage to leave my side. Once again I found myself with no one to help me with this dangerous task, so I began to sage. It felt like hours before the mage Omni contacted me and offered her services. I gladly excepted her help and warned her that the quest might take awhile. However she agreed to come anyways. What I thought would take an hour took about 10 minutes. While carelessly wondering through the caves we saw a spot where we hadn't been before, which surprisingly enough was the home of the Divine monkey. He was not as quick to attack as the Monkey basher was, however after carefully examining us he approached and began to attack.

He held no greater challenge then the Monkey basher and he seemed to have a lower vitality so the battle was relatively easy. Once again I whittled down his vitality and unleashed whirlwind.

I was ready to undertake the next step in my quest.

Money, Stats and Previous Armor, the Usual

Feeling weary I was delighted to hear Tebaek say he was ready to forge the armor providing I give him the necessary gold to make one. I handed him the money as well as my dusty Moon Scale Mail. Finally he asked that he take three points of my might, and two points of my will and grace. However the end result was worth my many sacrifices, he held the completed Sun Scale Mail before me. I bowed down and humbly accepted it. Immediately I equipped it and although it's advantages were far less then my Wind platemail I still wore it with pride.


Eternal Honor

Chongun Constable

Bear Loyalist