Nexus Biographies



So, i have decided to discribe to all of you what exactly i did to prepare myself for scouting out the dark mantis cave in eastern buya before i took a group of soldiers there.

There are many things i was taught from my father about hunting, and usually it was the same thing. That was to always be prepared no matter where i am.

So i took a moment to think of every thign i mgiht need while taking a dive into this cave, considering i had never really been there before i figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

I went over to dea shore and stocked up on some life blossoms, these are great for restoring lost health, and you can carry a fair amount of them. then i was off to the chung ryung shrine in buya to grab me a handful of bears livers. This meat is great at restoring health, moreso than the life blossomes, however you can only carry a few due to there size. Then i spoke with my father about the enemies in this place, and learned that they do not actually possess any magical abilities nor poisonous strikes. So i did not need any of my indigo potions or scrolls of protection. But if you are scouting somewhere you never know what you might find, so you should bring them anyways. Then i quickly grabbed a scroll of invocation and some herb pipes before i set off.

So i am standing outside this cave and as i step through i quickly run to my left and dive behind a tree. This place is packed with huge mantis, so wonder so many people love coming here! I lured one mantis off on its own so i could test my mettle toe to toe. This went amazing ly wwell, the creature was fast and agile, but since i watched it from behind the tree i knew it had a weak point at its sides. so after finishing this creature off i looked at my stores of health recovery items, and figured it would be best to stay hidden as much as possible.

I moved further and further into this cave, mapping out carefully since i would be leading a group of my fellow warriors into here. There were a few weird corners, and bushed areas in which i could hide from the mantis. Even thougyh i had dsipatche done with ease, i didnt want the whole cave chaing after me. My dad told me there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity....

Anyways i was in a bushed area when a few mantis crawled really close to me and must have picked up my scent. about 6 of them turned and rushed at me. I drew my spear in a flash stabbing and swinging it. This was not a pole arm so i didnt have the reach advantage, they closed on me landing blow after blow, i blocked most strikes but with that many claws some are bound to get through. I cried out and executed the perfect whirlwind attack against one dropping it stone dead, and jamming an entire life blossom into my mouth i kept fighting. i had ot constantly heal myself as these mantis work all too well in a group. After about 5 minutes of intense combat i was able to withdraw and hide myself while i healed myself and slid off to another room.

Just as i was about to leave the room i was in i saw a purple orb on the ground where i was durign the fight, thinking this items might be of some importance i grabbed it before i left.

I entered this room and it was totally open except for some small shrubs near the edges. I had only gotten a few feet in when i was standing face to face with a gigantic scorpion. This monster was enormous! i didnt even have time ot react and it was striking hard at my throat! i quckly muttered a spell and vanished as i gated to northern buya.

We need to do something about this place! A monster like that has no reason to strike at us like that!!!!