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Girl's Journal - Yuri 43

Second Moon, Twelfth Sun

At last, some recognition from Kiyone! She's put me in charge of the top secret new project! The code name is "Garden." What kind of Garden is this? This is so top-secret, it requires that I leave my usual post in the circle! Luckily, I've got just the thing...

Second Moon, Twenty-Second Sun

After mixing a severe batch of what the Muses assumed was my regular soup, I poured out the mold to create a drone! Kiyone approved of my new doppleganger "Walker" (what a boring name!) and took me to the inn. Apparently my new assignment is so secretive and special I have to stay at the inn to throw off those spies! (Always trying to find out more about us, I'll bet! I oughtta take care of them!)

I'm really excited! It's been ages since an Elder trusted me with an important new assignment! Project "Garden," eh...? I wonder, what could Kiyone be up to...? Well, I'll find out tomorrow!

Yunsil's soup is much worse than Walsuk's. Perhaps I'll give her a few cooking tips.

Second Moon, Twenty-Third Sun

Well, it turns out that Project Garden is actually referred to as the Garden Project... and it's building a Garden according to Kiyone's plans! What a bummer! I thought it was some special, covert operation requiring optimal charm and deadliness!

But, building the Garden isn't so bad... the designs are very interesting, and some of the best Carpenters of Koguryo and Buya are here working according to plan, an' if they slack off, I get to whip 'em! If only I had my special whip...

Third Moon, Fifteenth Sun

Those carpenters are absolute idiots! I had to burn an entire bridge that those fools built because they didn't make it fireproof! I've also enlisted a couple hundred gemcutters, to build a new bridge, out of stone! And, I had to hire a couple hundred more carpenters... it's a shame the first batch was standing on the bridge when I lit it on fire.

Third Moon, Sixteenth Sun

Some fellow came sniffing around here, earlier, and I had to chain him up near the back of the Islets. Unfortunately it took me a few hours to realize that he wasn't a Spy, but a judge, looking for information on the missing carpenters! This could be a bad situation...

Fourth Moon, Twenty-Third Sun

Well, the buildings are completed, and so I let most of the carpenters go. However, I still have to decorate and paint according to the sketches Kiyone made. It's times like this I wish I remembered how to mix dye... for all the instructions I've given the Muses, it sure would be nice to have mixed some myself. I think I'm supposed to get some flowers or something... Aha! I have an idea!

Fifth Moon, First Sun

By order of the court, I am to stay fifty feet away from the Druid Elder at all times. My idea didn't work out so well...

Seventh Moon, Seventh Sun

Well, getting all the decorations up was quite a chore! I also finally got the darn buildings here painted, and all the decorative tiles have been set. Now, the problem is... getting this Garden to bloom! I'm supposed to stay away from the Druid Elder, but there's nothing in that clause about FORMER elders...

Seventh Moon, Thirteenth Sun

Well, Druidess Nourah showed me some lovely tips on getting my Garden to bloom! She's even offered to stay in the Garden and tend to the flowers while I'm gone! Well... she did need some "convincing."

I think I'll have to write later. The judges are storming the Garden, shouting something about warrants and decrees.

Eleventh Moon, Fourteenth Sun

Four mistrials later, the Garden is in full bloom, and looking absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, while I was gone, wild animals and insects came and ate away at all the paint! Arrgh! I should've known better than to paint the Garden with food!

Leave it to a Druid to let all this happen and not kill the "wondrous creatures of nature!" Oh well, she'll help me mix some paint, especially after the special soup of thanks I make her. Ha!

Twelfth Moon, Twentieth Sun

I am in such big trouble. I promised Kiyone that the Garden was finished, but only today did I realize that, looking at the sketches, she intended for water to run through the Garden! I didn't realize that was supposed to be a pool; I thought it was a pit for our enemies!!! Crud! Now I've gotta drill a hole in the back wall of this mountain so the waterfalls behind it will come through to the Garden!

I hear there's a nice man at the Kugnae arena who sells explosives. Perhaps I'll stop off there, and do some landscaping the easy way!

Well, this concludes my Journal. I know you're secretly watching me, Kiyone, and so I know you'll read this when you think I've gone to sleep and left it conveniently out for you to steal.

I've never been very good words, but there's only one thing I can say to you for daring to put such a huge, complicated, horrible task in my hands...


Signed with the blood of many STUPID INEPT CARPENTERS!!!