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Legends: Volume 2: Descent into Darkness

Written by Dritz

Every sunrise, everyday, I am reborn, more powerful then ever. I have killed, pillaged and rained chaos upon the masses and I enjoyed every minute of it. My heart remains black and tainted and memories of these moments still fill me with pride. Through my trials I have emerged unscathed and more powerful then the gods my father hated so much. Now here I stand a member of the face less masses, a symbol for good. The journey to reach this point has become legend and now I have come to share it with you.

Battle for the Sun

I looked on in horror at what father had done. Malchan's body was thrown to the ground, I looked down upon him and realized that father hadn't truly killed him. He was able to breath in slow and short patterns.

'Ekera come to me,' father beckoned.

I slowly approached and kneeled before him, 'please forgive me father I have been so foolish, I -'

'Quiet Ekera, you did what you needed to do. You always have, there is no need for apology. Perhaps I am losing my mind as you have so surely felt. But that is of little consequence I but one last thing to ask you until we meet again, wherever that might be,' I tinge of fear lined his words. 'Please take Malchan away from this place and never look back. Know that I will always watch over you if only from afar.'

'I must protest-'

'Yes I know Ekera you have a certain goodness within your heart. You are different then me and don't understand what I am. However I ask you as your father that you leave here. The choice is yours but I have made up my own mind and your presence will only hinder me. You may even be caught up in some thing you're not ready for I don't think I could bear to lose either of my sons.'

I tried my best to think of what I could say or even if there was anything I could say. The only thing I could mutter was, 'I suppose I must respect your wishes father. If you need to do this alone I will not stand in your way.'

I carefully picked up Malchan and in a few seconds I rose up from the ground. Looking back at the two warriors facing each other I felt a small tear fall across my face.


I flew for what seemed like ages I had no idea where I was going to end up. I gazed back to towards the east and for the first time ever I saw the sun rise. It was a magnificent sight to behold and it seemed to symbolize a new ray of hope. I knew that the battle had finished and I was afraid of what the out come had to have been. However some small glimmer of joy kindled within me in knowing my father was finally free of his dark ways.

Malchan was barely holding on. I held him in my arms and occasionally looked down to see him mumbling in his slumber. I struggled to think of what must have been going through his mind at the time and felt a great deal of pity for him. It must have been quite an insult to be so easily cast away as he was. Father barely moved before Malchan was left to struggle for survival. I knew that it couldn't be the end for my 'dear' brother somehow he would pull through it and I'm sure father knew that as well.

Along with the dawn I noticed the overwhelming smell that I suppose one was always greeted with after a storm. Watching as the mountains passed by me I wondered what this wondrous world would hold for me next. Strangely enough I the thought had occurred to me that I may not even care, after all what could this place possibly hold for me now?

I had accomplished what my father had set out to do so perhaps I should have made my way back to the Celestial gardens. Of course I doubted this plan of action as the gods were most likely more than a tad unpleased with my families exploits. There was also as always the threat of the horrible plants that grew there. Even now in his deep sleep they were invading Malchan's mind and manipulating him to do their bidding.

After a few hours I found my way out of the mountains and below I saw what this world was all about. I carefully landed and a small hill and looked upon the carnage that had been left in the wake of a massive war. From my perch I saw thousands of bodies littering the ground, not a single blade of grass could be seen under the thick coating of blood prevailing over the field.

On either side of the battleground I saw two distinct flags both burning endlessly. I wonder what could have possibly caused such destruction, how could people be so foolish. The armies had completely annihilated each other, leaving nothing but soulless bodies on tainted ground.

I saw on the ground a young man desperately holding on to life. I carefully walked towards the wounded soldier and looked upon him with contempt.

'Th- Thank god you've come,' he struggled to speak, 'please help me...'

Something happened I looked down upon the pitiful man and saw nothing but hatred. I laughed to myself and thought, I'll help him alright. With a single swift moment I dispatched the man for good.

The Representative

From that day I began thinking more and more about my own powers. The possibilities were endless, it seemed as though something I had fighting for the longest time was finally catching up to me and I liked it. My first taste of real power was when I sent that man of war to his grave. I didn't owe anything to these people, I was better then them. All they care about is power and they are willing to do anything to obtain it. A doubted a single man had ever truly thought that there could be peace within the chaos. When I first saw Eleusis I believed that he could bring this dream to life but now I carry more of a resentment towards him.

He had cast down my father and for that I would one day achieve my revenge. I had lead him to victory and I too must make my way down that path. However as I went on a certain level of uncertainty followed me, how was I supposed to know if truly understood my fate. Even as I felt the plants wrapping their roots around my mind I tried to stop myself from being immense in the same dark desires that had lead my father astray. He too was looking for peace which ultimately tore him apart.

As they days passed Malchan was steadily getting better. His breathing became far more steady and he didn't seem quite so troubled. It wouldn't be long before he recovered completely, an event which I wasn't quite looking forward to. A chill went down my spine knowing that now more than ever I was like him. In my heart I felt that we truly were brothers.

At last we reached a small village were I could momentarily rest. It was quite a nice place although a smell of sewage could be smelt everywhere I went. Steadily I walked through the streets effectively earning more then a few stares while I carried my brother along with me. I passed by a merchant stall and it appeared the peddler took an instant liking to me.

'Excuse me.'

'I'm sorry sir but whatever you're selling I don't need,' I said in slight annoyance at this man's disregard for myself. I began to walk away.

'Um wait I'm sorry. I think you may misunderstand me.' I looked back ready to kill the man for his insolence. I was surprised to see him more or less jump out of his stall from a small pedestal. The dwarf then preceded to annoy me. 'I am very sorry if I come off as a bit persistent but I couldn't help but notice you're um unique situation.'

'So what does it matter to you?'

'Well I am not sure whether you fully understand you're situation. He appears to be fatally wounded.'

'I have a feeling he'll recover.'

'Yes, yes, you would say that I suppose. You don't think that I realize who you are hmmm? It's to be expected I suppose. After all how could a dwarf in the middle of nowhere know of you're how shall we say rare living condition. You should be wise to listen to me as you are already in danger as it is.'

'What are you talking about?' A questioned irritably.

'Come, come, Ekera you think you're exploits have gone unnoticed by the gods. They are searching for you as we speak. You can't honestly think that just because you began the cycle again that the war is over. In fact it's quite the opposite, you're father's sacrifice meant nothing. The gods have found another way to kill immortals and in their relentless crusade to find you and you're brother they have killed many. Even the immortals within the Celestial Gardens have been sent down to earth.'

'How do you know this are you too an immortal?'

'Far from it actually, I am a representative.'

Now there's something I have not heard of in quite some time. My father used to tell me of the representatives when I was a child but I often dismissed them as mere fairy tales never dreaming that they truly existed yet here a dwarf stood before me claiming to be such a being. For every living race there lives a representative a divine manifestation of the races inner being. As a race dwindles the representative slowly weakens and when the race dies out as all things do so does the representative

Long ago they too lived in the Celestial Gardens but one day the gods decided that they were no longer needed and tried to destroy them. They believed they knew what was best for the world and thus representatives were not needed to judge what a particular race needed to follow the path fate had laid out for them. In the end it was fate that saved them, their connection to every living creature allowed them to go to earth and take the form of the race in which they represented. The gods from then on had no way of ever knowing who they were. However the transformation came at a high price, the representatives had lost their immortality forever. Now they roam the earth insuring that balance is held between the planet's inhabitants.

'Don't be offended if I don't believe you,' I wearily replied, 'in any case I can take care of myself.'

'Are you sure about that one? You can't possibly believe that you alone can stand up against the gods.'

'You obviously don't know of the power of my family. With my father gone I now possess the ability to summon the dark army.'

'Is that what you think? This may come as a surprise to you but that particular power lies within your brother. Only if he survives can the dark army be called forth and from the looks of it he wouldn't be around much longer. You're father took a risk in attacking him and now he's paying for that risk. Malchan was left incredibly weak when he failed to defeat Eleusis and after Hachan defended himself it was more then Malchan's body could take. Even though the cycle has began again I fear he wouldn't have the chance to be reborn.'

'Well then since you are so optimistic perhaps you'd be willing to share your ideas on how I can revive him.'

The dwarf chuckled, 'I am afraid I don't have that kind of power but I know someone who does. Like most people you must know of the stories of the Apocalypse Wars.'

'I have heard of it being mentioned more then a few times.'

'Yes well as you know a lone god once ruled and from him sprung forth the two strongest gods we know of today, Mantalister and Omega. However even you may have not heard of the third being that was created that day.

During the Apocalypse Wars this other being tried to stop the war but was struck down by Mantalister in what was then known as The Golden Valley. The being split apart into two separate forms Umbria and Skadi. Mantalister stood over the beings body and was blinded as Umbria and Skadi took form. Mantalister was badly wounded and Skadi saw his chance to stripe Mantalister of his immortality. Asista, an ally of Mantalister arrived at that moment and restored him to his full strength. The tables had turned on Umbria and Skadi, Mantalister stole their immortality. Instead of simply killing them Mantalister left them in The Valley of Skadi and kept them there by putting an enchantment on the valley.'

'You don't give me enough credit dwarf. My father always made sure I was well versed in our heritage.'

'Yes well then you would of course know of another war that happened just a few weeks ago, hmmm? If memory serves me right it happened right before you arrived.'

'This planet is always plagued by war so what of it?'

'Well about four years ago war broke out between the kingdoms of Astosos and Nelasta. The origins of the war were particularly peculiar but that really doesn't matter. What does matter is that a few weeks ago the war came to a climax within a very sacred battleground.'

'The Valley of Skadi...' I mumbled.

'Very good, I'm glad you're keeping up. Anyways the magical energies that was present in the warring nations was slowly absorbed by Skadi and Umbria. Steadily they became stronger and stronger. By stroke of luck Astosos was able to defeat Nelasta in an epic battle. The defeated nation then began to retreat, however Skadi was waiting for them. That day an important deal was made between the demi-god and the Nelastians. He promised them Astosos defeat all they had to do was gather magical energy so that he could fully replenish his energies.

Ultimately his plan was to release the four deities from their crystal prison. These deities were created by Omega during the Apocalypse Wars but were captured by a lone Anesia with the help of Sorcerers. Luckily Skadi's quest was stopped by none other then Umbria with the aid of someone I'm sure you know.'


'You are getting good at that,' he clapped. 'Unfortunately for the valiant warrior and Umbria the crystal was lost. Umbria took it upon herself to find the crystal well Eleusis went to aid his countrymen in battle against...'

'Nelasta, I had a feeling that Eleusis was more then just a wandering warrior. I figured there must have been some history behind him.'

'You have no idea. By the by incase you're wondering that field you passed on the way here was none other then the scene of Astosos and Nelasta's final, final battle. But we must keep too the matter at hand this doesn't concern Eleusis. Only Umbria's majik is strong enough to heal Malchan completely. Until then I suggest you find yourself a healer to help him hold on a little while longer.'

'And then where do I go from there?'

'Keep traveling to the east towards the ocean and you will undoubtedly find her. Now please you must find a healer, however it may be a little more convenient if you um,' he coughed, 'leave your dear brother with me, I assure you that no harm will come to him.'


Heeding the representative's words I decided it would be best to find my brother a healer to prolong his life so that I may have more time to find Umbria. I struggled to ignore the stench of the small town and once I came to terms with that I was finally able to notice what a dump the place actually was. It seemed as though mold was growing everywhere I looked, the street was lined with broken down old shacks and various vendors. The thought also occurred to me that I didn't even know where I was. Maybe I should have asked the dwarf what town I was in so that I may have a better chance of avoiding it in the future.

Somehow it felt almost as though I knew where I was going because my feet seemed too know. Without thinking I found myself effortlessly winding my way down an endless array of alleyways. Finally I found myself at the doorway to a local pub. Despite the usual scallywags that inhabited such places I decided to venture in, having hopes that I may find a decent healer within.

Even with my limited knowledge of the ways of the world I knew that it was pretty much customary to have some rather unpleasant bouncers trying to keep any potential trouble makers at bay. However the rather large troll guarding the entrance took one look at me and thought better of questioning my business. He simply nodded to me and opened the door.

Just when I thought the smell of the city couldn't get any worse it hit me. I was almost overwhelmed by the stench of all forms of life drinking in unison. The place itself was actually fairly nice looking. It wasn't the most impressive thing I had seen in my life but it was more or less a respectable place.

I cautiously looked over to the bar keep a rather off putting man. I decided it may have been in my best interest not to deal with the head aches his image promised to provide. Instead I caught sight of a few gamblers. Carefully I made my way to their table avoiding the various bodies laying across the floor.

A young women gently touched my armor and walked by, 'hey fella looking for a good time?'

I looked back at her puzzled and quickly decided I didn't want to know what she meant. I continued my navigation of overturned tables and bear bottles. After what seemed like hours I finally reached the gamblers table. Slowly they looked up to me nodded their heads and continued their game. Taking that as an invitation to sit down I grabbed a chair and silently waited for one of them to acknowledge my presence.

One of them lifted his head and silently whispered to me, 'hey fella what you think I should do with this?' He said in what I later learned to be an Irish accent and to be more specific a drunk and desperate Irish accent.

'Err I don't know play cards?'

The others laughed at my new friends misfortune and quickly realized that they to were in a bind. Obviously disappointed with my answer the man folded.

'Well I guess you're not much help. Not a card player are you?'

'Afraid not.'

'No matter,' he chuckled, 'anyways you ain't know card player so you must have come to our little table for something else?'

'Yes I have been searching all day for a healer. My brother has been mortally wounded in battle.'

'Oh a warrior that explains a bit. Not to many warriors enjoy cards but then who am I to criticize can't say I've killed anyone in my lifetime. Not to many healers around here I'm afraid. Hey Dan you know were this fella can find himself a healer?'

'Umm huh?' The man was obviously into the game and from the look on his face it seemed that he wasn't doing to good. 'Give me a sec, I just got to finish this hand...' The man opposite of him grinned a little and slowly flipped over one of his cards. Sighing Dan laid down his cards and graciously let the man take pretty much all his money.

'Well I guess that ended a little to soon...' Dan mumbled, 'Now what's that you want a healer? There's never usually to many of them especially in here but around midnight that old cleric Asenka comes around.'

'How good is he,' I asked worried that whatever spells he may have might not tide Malchan over for long.'

'Well he is quite old but his spells are nothing to laugh at. Especially when he gets a few drinks in him. Kind of ruins some of the night for us when he casts that sober spell of his,' chuckled another gambler, 'the feeling passes though, he feels so bad that he always buys a few beers for anyone that asks. Don't know where he gets his money from though.'

'I think I shall meet this Asenka. What time is it?'

'Umm it's 9:00,' replied the Irish fellow.

'Well then can you suggest anything to pass the time?'

'Hmm you say you don't know play cards do you...' the Irish man grinned mischievously, 'perhaps if you have some money we could find our way into teaching you.'

Although I had very little money with me the man's invitation sounded good enough. It wasn't to hard of a game once I got into it. I even beat them a couple of times but after awhile it seemed they somehow got better.

One of the waitresses was looking at our little game intently and whispered to me about an old gamblers trick. It seemed they were merely pretending to lose during the previous rounds. Although it annoyed me a little I understood that such pathetic forms of life such as the humans must relate to dishonesty and cheating. However it's always been known that I was a quick learner. Very slowly I began to win more consistently and after a few games the number of players slowly dwindled.

I was actually beginning to enjoy myself it was a rather delightful game. Simple enough anyways, just throw around a few cards, pick up a few more, and become richer. I once again asked one of the various on lookers what the time was. It was about five to midnight, it looked as though I wouldn't be able to finish the game after all. Suddenly cold air seemed to blow across my brow I felt a small jangle by my side. I looked down to see a rather pitiful looking man attempting to make some easy money.

'What is this,' I shouted throwing my cards across the table. My blood began to boil as I looked upon the petty thief.

'Sorry sir it was just that I err...'

In a mere moment I unsheathed my sword and sternly rested it beneath the mans chin barely grazing his throat. By then a hush had fallen across the crowd and a sudden intake of breath could be heard. I stared silently at the man interrupting his every move deciding whether he was worth saving or not. The more I thought about sparing the man the more I despised people in general.

Between the silence I heard a thumping noise, only lightly at first but gradually it became louder until the whole room seemed encompassed by it. The crowd broke apart to make way for it's source.

'You're going to die sir...' sniffled the Irish man, 'it was an honor to have met such a great card player, you know that right?'

I looked back at him and a certain level of confidence in humanity was restored by such a care free fellow who found joy in simply playing a game of cards. Now that I thought about it I too found that the card game was more fun then a thousand battles. Then I began to consider his remark about my death. I doubted that any worldly creature could pose much of a threat to me.

Finally the tearing in the crowd reached the circle formed around myself and the thief. A large behemoth of a ogre stood before me. In his hand he tightly gripped a large club decorated with spikes, two small horns protruded from his mess of hair. His blue skin glimmered in the lighting and underneath it I saw the creatures massive veins. Undoubtedly a mighty creature but he guaranteed little challenge.

'You hurt friend?' It mumbled pointing towards the thief.

'Well not yet but I suppose I can be persuaded to.' I mocked the creature in a calm steady voice, 'me and him have some business to take care of so I suggest you leave us.'

'Har har hu,' laughed the obviously dim witted creature. 'You think you big shot? Me bash you and make you dead. Go away or you regret it.'

'You see that particular request just isn't possible, I am waiting for someone and if I may say so your threats hold no basis in reality.'

'Huh?' The ogre was momentarily taken back by my defiance and was struggling to think of what to do. He said the must intelligent thing he could think of, 'Me bash you!'

He lunged towards me with his massive club. I spun from my position and the ogre flew harmlessly past. The thief took his opportunity to run away. However the dazed ogre provided him little assistance and I easily obstructed his escape.

'Where you going? I'm not done with you yet.' I pushed him to the ground. Once again the ogre came at me. Holding his club above he began to bring it down towards my head. I held up my sword and blocked the blow. The creature grinned probably because he had the foolish misconception that he could simply out power me. Soon it became apparent to him that he could not even lower his club an inch.

'Huh? What this. How you do this, me strong you puny, me bash.'

'Sorry ugly but it's just not you're day.' I put all my power into my sword and in an instance it cut through the club. With his free arm the ogre grabbed for my head but sleekly I brought my blade back down again and straight through the creatures arm.

'Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!' Howled the beast, as most of his arm fell a few feet from him. He knelt down to the ground wincing in pain.

'Hmmm I was expecting you to do a little better than that. I guess it was wrong of me to think such a dumb ogre could be a challenge.'

'Arg you little...'

'What's that? Still got some fight left in you? Well I suppose you've out lived your usefulness, so it's time for us to part.'

I twirled my sword around and with a flick of my wrist a streak of blood flowed across his torso and he groaned no more. I looked triumphantly at my fallen opponent, the crowd just stood there speechless. Then I gasped in amazement as the ogre began to breath again. I thought surely he could not have survived that. His pale blue complexion took on a tinge of purple. I noticed that the purple coloring was darkest on his shoulder where I had cut his arm from. Suddenly blood erupted from the amputated limb and his arm sprung out from the ghastly gash.

'What's this...' I muttered in confusion.

I heard a voice from the entranceway, 'I'm afraid it's not quite his time young warrior.'

I looked towards it's source and was amazed to see an old man clad in a purple robe. From his belt swung the narrowest blade I've ever seen in my life. It had to have been at least 4 feet long and it's width was not more then a few centimeters. His hair was surprisingly full for an old man, however it seemed to miraculously stand still in time.

'So you must be Asenka.'

'The one and only. Who might you be traveler and what do you seek from our small town?'

'My name is Ekera, and it is you who I seek.'

'Hmm is that so well I am flattered but I don't deal with murderers.'

The comment seemed to strike a nerve deep inside of me. He stood their defiantly, looking down upon me. 'He had it coming to him and you had no part in our quarrel.' Subtly I looked back at the now recovering ogre. He carefully slunk away from me and made a dash into the crowd. I resisted the urge to follow him in favor of talking with what could possibly be my brothers savior.

'My purpose is to heal the wounded and I have done so, thus is my prerogative. I have a feeling that even a mighty warrior such as yourself may need such a service but I can't help wondering why it would be of my interest to help you. To quench your own thirst for blood you take life from others thus you are surely my enemy.'

His defiance was beginning to annoy me and the chances of him helping me were beginning to look grim. I held myself back and kept my feelings at bay well he flung his insults towards me. However every word he spoke felt like it was bringing me closer to making it his last.

'So you have nothing to say about this young Ekera? I suppose not you are but new to the world and don't know the consequences of your actions.' I looked towards him showing my amazement, he couldn't possibly know who I was.

'They say immortals are all knowing but those truly skilled at higher class thinking know that an immortal could never understand the world of mortals much less the nature of being itself. You wear your mind on your armor warrior, it is only a book among many that I can read at will. Even know your rage is growing, becoming even more apparent. However the question presents itself dare you attack me?'

'You already know the answer...'

'Of course I do why wouldn't I? You lack confidence I can only see the world with my senses and emotions I can't read minds. I know why you have come here but not exactly what it is you expect of me and whether you feel it is worth killing the very person that may be able to save you... or perhaps someone close to you? Hmmm, yes that's it isn't it. Your face tells me so...'

'I suppose you think you are clever don't you?'

'No merely observant. You are obviously the infamous Ekera judging from your battle skills and the uncanny likeness to the sketches I've seen of your father. I may not be able to read minds but I can often see what others can not. Now there is only one person that I can assume you would care enough about as to give you no reason to attack me. Only a few people survived the battle atop that mountain with the dark army and they spoke of two sons.'

By now most people had gone about there business. No one wanted to have any part in a quarrel between a immortal and a know it all cleric. At that time I was desperately looking for a way out of asking this man to help me. There must have been some other form of healer within this small town.

'You remain quiet warrior, have you not come to a decision?'

'I don't care for your harsh words Asenka. However I have little choice in this matter. I have come to you in desperation, I need someone to prolong my brother's life. Even now his time is slowly ticking away and I see little alternatives besides asking you for this service. However I am not even sure that you could have the ability to help him.'

'Hmm how can a humble healer such as myself help an immortal. You truly have confused me there.'

'My father before going into battle with the Anesia, Eleusis mortally wounded Malchan. Although it was not his intention it did leave Malchan with a life threatening injury. It is impossible for mortal hands to heal him it calls for the power of something more. Luckily I have found such a person but I fear that the journey to find her requires more time then my brother currently has. So here I am now at your feat begging you to perhaps give him a few more days.'

'Your love for your brother is inspiring indeed but you have shown me that you carelessly toss around life as if it were nothing. If you wish for me to help then you must keep your instincts in check. Life is a brittle thing and whatever you think of the inhabitants of this world does not give you the right to take their lives away. Promise me that and I am at your service. I will of course accompany you on your journey to assure that no unfortunate mishaps occur.'

'You demand much cleric but for my brothers sake I must fulfill your wishes.'

Seven Days

It was an uneasy alliance however I saw little choice but to allow the cleric to accompany me in exchange for my brothers life. To me it seemed as though Asenka thought a little to much of himself and had far to much faith in the tainted souls of mortals. He dared to make me out to be a murderous dog however I found it hard to believe that a human of all people could claim to stand solely for peace and harmony. Only by ridding the earth of foul creatures such as the ogres would true peace be obtainable.

What could he possibly hope to accomplish by coming with me. The truth of the world had been revealed to me and there was no way he could change my vision of perfection. He says that he sees with his eyes but he is blind to the true ambitions of the world. He protects himself by incasing his mind in delusions of a peaceful world.

I suppose I shouldn't expect so much from a human. The most well learned people in the universe are also the most dangerous. They think knowledge is power and don't open their minds to what isn't logical. Such a person may be able to read the minds of others by only observing patterns of emotions but they can never truly gaze into a man's soul.

My whole life I saw the world from a distance holding onto the protection of the Celestial Gardens. Now I was free to see the world through the eyes of any normal man and experience the world knowing man and beast's attraction to war and suffering. Perhaps I didn't have all the answers but slowly I was beginning to understand the complexities of fate. If the world were to continue following the path it had laid out for itself then it would lay in ruin in the future.

Change is an important thing it is necessary to maintain balance and allow the processes of life to continue. If not for change then the world would continue to head towards destruction. Change allows a chance to branch off from that path and follow another that would inevitably also bring about the apocalypse. Throughout time, change would continuously create different paths in order to prevent such a disaster from ever happening.

As an immortal with no allegiances I held the necessary powers to change the world. Only by ridding it by those who seek destruction can peace be achieved. Obviously it would be hard for some to except such a change, case in point my new 'friend' Asenka. However through careful consideration even the most stubborn souls could except such a radical alteration.

A world without death through violence would be quite a world indeed. I have always envisioned peace but still I wonder if it was truly obtainable and if it could be maintained. In the end I told myself that if peace were to be achieved my purpose would be complete and an enlightened populace would be the only thing that could maintain it. As I have said change is necessary so perhaps the world I seek to create would have to change in the future in order to avoid the inevitable.

As I walked through the streets of town, I looked towards Asenka. Although blinded his knowledge was unfathomable and perhaps I did not have to be a lone wolf to accomplish my goals. His knowledge would undoubtedly help me in reaching my goal. What seemed to be a deterrent suddenly appeared to be a blessing. My first question to him was simple enough.

'Asenka where exactly am I?'

'You are in Trantam. I rather nice town if I do say so myself, it has kept me happy over the years.'

'So were you born here?'

'No afraid not. I was born in the wilderness and when I came of age I began traveling. I was actually quite the warrior back then, not unlike yourself. I may not have been as skilled but I have the fighting heart-'

'I don't have a fighting heart,' I angrily told him, 'I only do what I have to.'

'Of course... Anyways the fighting life apparently wasn't for me. I got a little to confident in my own abilities. One day I found myself in battle with a sorcerer, Alaseous. He was a trickster using his dark energies he was able to mirror my every move. He was even able to copy my appearance. He would have killed me if it had not been for a wandering poet.'

'A poet... what could a bard do for you?'

'He possessed impressive healing abilities and was able to restore my vitality back to normal. With his help I was able to defeat Alaseous, however he was able to get away from my grip. Afterwards I began traveling with the poet and he brought me to the Nexus. It was there I studied the art of healing in the hollowed halls of the Buyan poet guild. I left my previous fighting expertise behind me a devoted my life to the healing arts.

At heart I was a wanderer and made my way out into the world again accompanying warriors who were on their own journeys. Slowly I developed my healing abilities enough to bare the title of cleric. I became old and soon found my way to this place and I have stayed ever since.'

'It seems there's more to you then I thought Asenka. I suppose my first impression of you made me weary of allowing you to come with me. Now I feel that you may just be useful in my own journey.'

'Use me how you will but my goal will forever be to change your outlook on life.'

'I wouldn't be to sure of yourself Asenka, I know my path and I intend to follow it no matter what.'

By then we had finally reached the dwarfs small stall. I peered inside to see if he was around. Cautiously I went around the stall and found the entrance way to his home. Lightly I knocked on the door and after a fair bit of smashing and grinding the door opened and the dwarf stood looking at me with a hint of annoyance.

'What took you so long? I've been doing my best to help him along but he's quickly running out of time. Is that alcohol I smell on your breath? Hey who is this?'

'My name is Asenka. I am a cleric and I have come to help Ekera's brother. I don't believe I've seen you around town.'

'I keep a low profile. Ha! A low profile get it? So you're Asenka we've heard about you. You're a smart one aren't you but I doubt you know what I am.'

'Well from what I can see you're a dwarf.'

'What?' I muttered, nudging the representative. 'He easily knew of my true colors how is it that you can hide yourself from him.'

'Well I have a way with hiding myself. It's more or less necessary so that even the gods themselves can't find me. Besides we never existed outside of the minds of gods and immortals. Well Mantalister and Omega were fighting there silly war we were watching down on the earth. Until the god's personal vendetta against us not a single representative had ever touched the planet. I'm afraid there's no legends of us wandering the world.'

'Oh you are a representative,' exclaimed Asenka, 'I don't see how I could be expected to know that but I have heard of you.'

'What? How could you know about us...'

'My knowledge expands far past the mortal plain. I have devoted the vast majority of my life studying existence. One time I even had the pleasure of meeting the dragon representative. He explained all he could to me.'

'Well err I suppose that's of little consequence.' He pulled gently on my armor beckoning me to come closer. Whispering into my ear he muttered, 'be weary of this one, to much knowledge is a dangerous thing.'

'I am sorry to interrupt but I have come to help. So if we could...'

'Oh yes the mighty Malchan. Come with me I will show him to you.'

I was horrified when the dwarf led us to Malchan. It seemed my few hours away had taken their toll. His skin had became much paler and he seemed to breath in much longer intervals. I crossed my fingers as Asenka stood before him gently whispering an incantation. Once again an aura of purple flowed from him and encased Malchan. For a second his eyes opened only to be quickly closed once again.

'I am afraid there is little I can do,' muttered Asenka, 'I am sorry I can't help any more but I have given him all that I can. We must go now for I have only been able to give him seven days.'