Nexus Biographies


Endless begginning /l\

-you pick up a journal, and see red writing inside. You begin to read it.-

Today was my first day. My first day to what you say? My first day of mastering the Arts of Poeting. Before my first day came, I worked long and hard. To ensure that I did not .. embarrass myself .. so to say, on my first day.


We both awoke that morning, knowing that I was leaving and probably wouldn't ever return. I did not leave prepared, thats for sure. In the past, I had saved up quite a bit of gold and purchased myself a pair of Sen gloves, and a Hyun moo helm.

The time for me to leave came. I gave my mother a goodbye kiss. I gather some food from the back garden, so I have some nourishments for myself. Afterwards, I walk out the front door. Waving goodbye to my mother, knowing that I will never see her again.

As I am walking out of the small Kusan town, I said to myself "Ah, finally .. my title has been chosen, my path has been laid." Today was the day I would see if I had any "skills" to back up my title.

As it began, I realized that I knew exactly what I was doing .. This came as quite a surprise to me, really. I left thinking that it would take me days just to understand the Art of Poeting.

As I began to get better, and better the days grew longer. More people seeked out my help in adventures, some even paid me to go along with them. I made quite a bit of gold this way.

Anyway, my insight began to grow. I seemed to just be getting better and better each time I went on an adventure.

-you close the journal, and walk out of the room.-


` , ` Destiny Clan Council ` , `

Historian of Koguryo

` , ` Peace Councilor ` , `