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Travel of a Young Mind

*grins* My life would have been so differnt with these travels. This is what I wanted, to finally understand life to the max.

Only the dead have seen the end of war -Plato

Travels of a Young mind.

As I awoken on the first morning of Yuri 53 I saw somthing that atonished me. I saw a cat fighting a wolf. The Cat had no way to escape so it resorted to fighting. I was about to help the cat when my dear deceased friend (he died in during another adventure) told me not to interfeare. The cat was slewn by the wolf. My friend Keth told me that, that is the way of the wild. I then wanted to know more of the wild. I decied I'd become a nomad ofr a short amount of time.

My friend Keth ever faithful to adventures tagged along. We set out from Buya. Heading south towards south gate. We saw many novice killing almost helpless squrills. I remembered that I used to do this when I was younger. Those days were over. I decided I must discover why this is done. Nature and Nurture were closer then some people thing.

So we set of to Trappers Paradise to camp. Here we stumpled across a golden hare. It was attacking a novice. I thought to myself. Help of leave it be. Keth answered with his blade. He slew the hare. He left the novice the item which was an amber. So I had learned somthing new just then. The Right of Campanionship. This is descirbed by one of the own race or path has its own decsion to help or not. Keth had proved loyal to the humans. Later we saw a wolf attacking a buck. Then many does and bucks attacked the wolf until the wolf fled. This was a true example of The right of Campanionship.

During that night I heared somthing in the darkness of night. So I quitle checked it out. It was a wolf fight. To wolves had gotten in a big fight. They circled each other in wolf fashion. Then one of the fighters leaped and slahed the throat of the its enemy. The 2nd wolf struggling from not falling aside leaped boldly at his enemy. The first wolf sliped but regained his step. Yet his endurance could not with stand the blow of his opponet. The first wolf barly standing would not fall. They knew the consiqence of falling so they were trying to stay on thier feet at all costs. The 2nd wolf rushed in again this time knocking the first wolf off his feet. When first wolf hit the ground the whole packed leaped on to him tearing him to shreds. I had learned another essence in my travels. Law of the fang. Once your down you are down. This is what how fighting would end. To be merciful is to be weak.

The next week we found ourselves watching an Iron bear hunting its prey. What it was hunting was a Giant iron tiger. The bear actually killed the tiger. Now normally an Iron bear would never stand a chance. Yet no 2 creatures are the same. This bear had more battle experence. There for it won the battle. I learned this from that. Though one of power has power, one of wisdom has greater power.

About a month of traveling I had come of a death struggle. I found my self surrounded by wolves after a fight I had witnesses. They had thrashed me good. I was pinned in a corner. Keth was asleep in our camp. I so a man. He was stairing in almost a laughing manner. He was not one who would help his fellow race. Strangers at least. I had felt angered bu this. So I had called forth my anscetors power. I slew every wolf that was bold enough to leap at me.

The next week Keth was out hunting. I took my scrolls and went to see more of nature. I had wandered into Iron Labriyth. Here I saw the man who just left me there corned by 10-15 bears. He saw me then he frowned. To his surprise I drew my sword and charged into the bears. I slew them. He was shocked. He didn't help me but I helped him. He asked me why. I told him if he had wanted to see the end of war. He told me no. He wished to live until death by age. I told him once he had died war would be over.He was confused by what I said. But in the end he understood.

He was grateful. He wanted to give me a reward. I did not accept any reward. For I felt what I did was a deed for mankind. A deed that seeks no reward. My true reward was the feeling I got when I had done this. I felt like I was true and loyal to my race.

During my travels I had cloncluded over time that the wild is the wild. War cannot be stoped. Wolf will fight each other. Bears will overpower tigers with wisdom. Humans shall speculate or take action towards each other.

The greatist reward in life is life. I felt even more rewarded by keeping a fellow human alive.

Only the Dead have seen the end of war


This is everything I ever wanted to be. One who can see that life brings more then war, and peace. It brings companionship. Friendship of my friends helped me. Though I only mentioned one of my friends I consider the animals my friends. For they'd help me in their own way.

Cadet Calv

Kosatsu Clan Head admiter.