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The Warriors of Han

Legend of Kimesh

Fragile Rose

Staff of the Elements

The Great Shift


The Shattering

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The Vale



Flame Ambers



Drifting Winds

Tree of Reflections

An Enemy Like and Yet Unlike No Other


The Seasons Story

Hozonsho & Qantao

The Wind Gods

The legend of Kabocha

The Imbalance

Ox and Walsuk's Tiff

Sonhi Spies

Nexus at War

The Lost Mines

Ugh's Passing

Bluestone and the Amulet

The Sea Nymph's Plight

Zibong and the Nomads

The Shattering

The Pirates' Princess

Sonhi Revenge

The Nomad Invasion

LinSkrae's Deception

Pirate Raids

Sagu and the Onyx

Mupa's Curse

Sagu's Invasion

The War of the Hearts

Mupa's Banishment


Chongun History

Memoirs of Madog

The Eldership of Limdul

The Eldership of Gildenstar

The Eldership of Neese

Memoirs of CinderZ

CalmWind - The Silent Warrior

The Origins of our Honor Shield

Origin of the Silver Gloves

The Origins of Invincibility

Suayan Li - Origin of Chongun Marriage

Origin Of War Helm

Twelve Heavenly Generals

Battle of the Sonbae

The Legend of the Ethereal Temple

Orbs Death

The Legend of Tangun

Chae-yun Tale

Chongun Ode

Noble Warrior

On Honor

A Young Warrior

Art Of War ~ Poem


Kwanhonsagje Extended Edition

The Swordsman's Heir

The Monk in the Rain

The Monk and the Painting

The Swordsman's Papers

From whence the Chongun came

Divine Chronicles

Diviners Hsiao Ch`u

The Laural Branch

CosCos History

Chung Fu Helmet

Augury Staff

Wu Chi Apple

CosCos's Journey

The Subath Beginnings

Diviners vs. Alignments

Brass Coins

A Dedication to Diviners

History of Sheng

Graced by the Muse

(\/) Book Zero (Odessa)

(\/) Book of Destruction (Odessa)

(\/) Book of Forever (Odessa)

The Story of Miyoko and Graej

(\/) A Tale of Glue and Wood

The Cabaret Kidnapping

The Herdsman

Urania's Notes

A Muse's Day (Ahante)

(\/) A Trip to Kyoto

"Thales" - Journal (Lokira)


Leave it to Strikes

~The Zibong, the Muse, and the Garden

Kiyone's Abduction (Lokira)

The Kidnapping of Revels

A Spy Scorned

The Evolution of the Dream

Girl's Journal - Yuri 43

The Shimmering Sword

Cleansing the Dark Orb


Amalgamation (Nausica)

Change (Kessalia)

Rhapsodie's Final Departure

Muse Karma Readings

A Point Proven

Girl's Icy Wrath

Pixus: Empire of the Flames

Capricious Dress (Kiyone)

Hidden Language of RP

Sayonara Means Goodbye

o/` The Marama Shuffle!

The Day Purgatory Froze

Hu's Excuse (HuSanNiang)

Utter Carnage (HuSanNiang)

The Grin Who Stole Christmas

Zmas Moosings (Bastet)

Girl's Confession

(\/) Musical Charm

The Girl Who Cried Zibong

The Littlest Muse (Whisper)

Looking For a Friend (Lokira)

Variations on Green Tea

The Final Battle! (Kiyone)

(\/) Introducing... "Swearing!"

Kiyone & the Goats (Kiyone)

The Plight of Revelle

The Tale of U-Suk

AGant, the Muse Hater

Tricking a Trickster (Nausica)

The Story of Rat Soup

Days of Our Yuris


Theory of Immortality (STM)

Revel to Riches

(\/) Muse Artifacts

"A Non-Playable Character" (Cait)

"Girl" SpyVSSpy

Book 0, I, II (xkianax)

The Many Facets of Illusion

A Song's Loss (Ahante)

The Wandering Monk

Travels to Inzen Isle

In Tune

Wisdom of the Ages

The Sound of Truth

The Tunnel

A Tale of a Wandering Monk

Five Precepts

The Vow of Silence

The Gates of Heaven

The Life of Buddha

The Clever Crane Outwitted

The Three Jewels

The Shovel and the Wiseman

The Rowboat

Travels of Poledra

Travels of Sabot

Travels of Sabryna


A Returning Story

Lost Vision

A New Page

Flairck's Watchful Eye

Woolfe's Story

A Walking Walker

Desvet's Journal

SillyLove's Vision

Lathander's Vision

Vexiplex's Vision

Flaick's Vision

Greta's Surprise

Rhianwyn's Vision

Janken's Vision

A Fatefull Vision

Tomes of the Earth

Awen's Flame

Herbalism, The Legend

The History of the Ogham