Nexus Biographies



Nexus Biographies is the world's premier NexusTK story site. The website was started in August 2002 (or thereabouts) by Dritz, with the goal of indexing creativity produced by the NexusTK community. Since then over 100 stories and poems have been collected.

Some have been confused by the word biography in the past. A biography is comprised of stories of your life and indeed all your creative endeavours. So do not think we just have a bunch of boring stories covering a persons life from birth to death. No we include all manner of stories and even poetry. If you wrote it we want it.

Nexus Biographies has been around for a long time and despite some rough patches it continues on to the future. The sites purpose is not only to provide content but also to serve up a pleasant and easy to use interface. I think that we have finally fulfilled that purpose with the latest version of Nexus Biographies.

Improvements to the site not only make it more pleasant for users but also makes it easier for me to add conent. So as long as people keep sending stuff in you can expect the story archive to continually be updated!