Nexus Biographies


Hozonsho & Qantao

It was a sad day for Nexus when the beloved Historian Qantao announced she would be stepping down in short time and returning to her home at Han. From her own choice, a student of the name Hozonsho was taken to replace her, a young man who has traveled through many lands and witnessed many spectacular things around the world.

Days after her announce, Lady Qantao took that opportunity to also show around and introduce to community the honorable traveler Kiroku. As people could easily noticed, there was some strong bond between the Historian and the Traveler, It didn't take long for the community find out that Kiroku was the student Hozonsho and during a Royal ceremony it was announced to Prince Mhul that a wedding between them would be happening soon.

Prince Mhul and his Ministry started organized the arrangements for the marriage of the couple, during that time they continue venturing through the lands of nexus, getting to know each Clan halls and each subpath gatherings.

It was during one of those strolls that a mysterious and powerful stone was found. A huge piece of Onyx has found its way to be taken by Kiroku and Qantao. To keep the Onyx safe from thieves they decided to keep it guarded in Nexus Museum, while that they informed the Royal Prince of Koguryo of their findings.

After gathering with his ministers and historians, the Kogurian Prince decided that the Onyx should be given to the land of Han as a symbol of Peace, so the scholars of there could better study in the Great Library of the Capital.

For that, Prince Mhul has summoned the Ambassador of Han to come and take the Onyx safetly back to his lands, what the Prince didn't know was that the Ambassador would take too long to arrive. The Ranger and Barbarian paths became enraged with the decision of Prince of Koguryo to hand the Onyx to Han and declared War on the Kingdom, such vandal acts were quite well controlled with the help of the Royal Army and the Chonguns.

Things started to change when the Messenger Kabocha returned to our lands, which another surprising note. A small camp of travelers was found all burned out and the inhabitants of the tents all slayed by men-made weapon of some form. The valuables of the camp were merely touched, which means the ones who did such horrible act had something really against the poor camping travelers.

Fortunally a message reached the Royal highness of Koguryo informing that the Ambassador was safe and would be arriving soon. Didn't take much time until a well dressed man arrived at the Palace. He was called Johaih and was at eager to receive the Onyx from Prince Mhul, as he was the Ambassador.

He was invited to stay a few days so a proper ceremony would be held, but Johaih didn't like that idea very much. The arrogance of the ambassador made some really discomfort situation in the Kingdom, Lady Qantao even decided to postpone her wedding as she didn't want him around during it.

Much suspect was around that mysterious man who carried the seal of Han, why was him so arrogant and why he would be carrying such a strange weapon named Yamizan?

Too many suspects around Johaih, it came to happen that Kiroku was the one who stole the Onyx and ran with it one day before it was supposed to be given to the Ambassador. For the glory of the Rangers and Barbarians who didn't trust him and totally opposed him from start, Kiroku Hozonsho was now considered a thief wanted through all the kingdoms.

So sad was Qantao to find a letter from Kiroku with a short explanation on why he took the Onyx, she couldn't believe he was doing it for money and power. In fact he wasn't, but with knowing it she locked herself alone in the Museum.

Johaih quickly found a way to put the whole kingdom against Hozonsho and get them to seek him through all parts, but a wise man he was, he knew that Kiroku would return to some certain place.

Finding trouble to enter the Museum, Kiroku was caught in the first room by Johaih and the community, while trying to explain himself to his beloved Qantao, Johaih took the chance to draw his blade out and stab the chest of the Historian apprentice. With no single bit of mercy, the Ambassador murdered Kiroku in front of many members of community including Historian Qantao.

As the body of Hozonsho has fallen to the ground, the onyx was dropped from his possession. Before he could even speak what Johaih was up to, Kiroku dies.

The Ambassador quickly took the stone and fled from people's view. He has stolen the Onyx from Koguryo.

Shortly after, with the investigation of the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya, it was concluded that Johaih was in fact a fake Ambassador, the where about of the true one was still unknown, while that Mr. Hozonsho was honorable buried near the wall of the cemetery.

The Kingdoms had a new enemy now, Johaih was considered dangerous was armed and was keeping a very powerful stone, the Onyx!