Nexus Biographies


Sagu and the Onyx

Prince M'hul sat within the palace, contemplating the recent events that had taken place. Since his return from the border to defend Koguryo's territory, he's felt the humiliation of Sagu's trickery, his invasion, and then Mupa's curse. He vowed he must stop Sagu's evil plots for good - blood or no. He made the kingdom-wide announcement of the attack, and called for lieutenants to guide the army into the Heart of Darkness.

Deep within enemy territory, the soldiers and volunteers of Koguryo plowed through, battling any foul beast or minion of Sagu that reared its ugly fangs. Hours passed, and the troops grew weary. Many had already been lost. Finally, rising out of the mists before M'hul's very eyes, was the vile warlock, Sagu. His eyes glowing red, he called forth flames and lightening to ward of the attacks of M'hul's forces. More lost their lives; poets fell and warriors burned. The Prince, drawing upon a final surge of energy, gave a mighty battle cry and plunged his gory sword deep into Sagu's black heart and vanquished him.

Dahmpeel, acting as a spy for M'hul, had discovered a stone very much like that which Mupa had used in her curse. Upon Sagu's violent death, his soul was trapped within the black onyx stone.

Knowing that death is not the end, especially for one who held such unimaginable power as Sagu, M'hul travelled back to the Sea Nymph, asking for her help once more. The nymph agreed to hide the onyx deep within the water, so no one might release it, and the evil soul that it enclosed.

With the nymph's oath to protect the stone, and bearing the colour of her blessing, Prince M'hul travelled back to Koguryo to celebrate his victory, and pay tribute to the brave who sacrificed for the cause. He couldn't help but wonder, though, where was Mupa now?

Deep beneath the waves lies a black stone.

A heart so hard and cold

lying at the bottom of the abyss.

None dare remember the deeds done by him.

Look at the scorn crossing their face

at the mention of Sagu.

Water ways and brighter days

bring us back tearful memories.

-"Onyx", Sea Nymph