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Ugh's Passing

Shortly after the Great Shift, a new land had been discovered, the land of the ogres, Hamgyong Nam-Do. The mines within proved to be prosperous for many citizens who never thought twice about slaughtering the ogres for their precious gems.

A merchant who resided within the land, Ugh, was rather quiet and said nothing about the practices that killed his kind. He had even taught citizens how to carve ambers into valuable gems. Nyogh, the ogre king, grew angry with the humans for their senseless greed and with Ugh for still helping them, despite what went on. He kidnapped, and had planned to execute poor Ugh to punish him.

The secret ogre village, Ja-Gook, had been discovered within the caves of Nam-do and countless citizens rushed to help Ugh. Many of Ugh's ogre friends tried to help as well, but there were still too many who followed their king's orders and struck out against the humans.

Time had passed on so quickly, and the moment of Ugh's scheduled execution was close at hand. Buyans and Kogurians struggled to collect the ogre's brew to get past the guard and save Ugh, but it was too late. Ugh, after long torture, had been put to rest by his heartless king. The kingdoms were deep in mourning. Their beloved gem master and friend, Ugh, was gone.