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Amalgamation (Nausica)

In light of all the unintentionally funny poems this week,

I'm splicing together some of the lines found in this week's submissions.

I call this:

The Amalgamation of the Entirity of Eastern Thought (in Nexus)


Fun with Splicing!


Travelling on the Wings of Incoherence like Sugar!

I quack in fear

as a comb and 2 cans of hairspray

rips my desolated flesh apart.

Stung by a bee!

It whispers "Welcome to Purgatory!"

You jump up in a ready poise.

Eh? What is it you wish to do?

I use you for a floor tile!

A bearded Rogue perched on my head.

He comes when you are -bleeping.-

A paralyzed humanoid! Your effort is sub-par.

Freeze your Tao!

i fear u aren't ready for the truth! (sic)

I am not pulling their trunks!

Is there something I missed?

It feels like my back is bare.

Nervously, I pull up my slacks.

Watch him stair into my glowing eye's. (sic)

The empty eyes of a peasant.

Amalgamator: Nausica