Nexus Biographies


A Point Proven

I walked out of the inn, quietly, with my head down as usual. Partly to avoid the sudden riots the break out when a Muse is around, and partly because of the thoughts that swam in my mind. I have found it is easier to contemplate the origin of earth when you don't spend all your time looking at the scenery. Of course there is one downfall.... you crash into people alot. And so I did, for the seventh time, but this person was quite cocky and rather annoying. He wore a garb dyed the color of a spring sunset, the clothes someone wears always seem to be the first thing I notice. His long bluish hair was tied in two rather femenin ponytails that hug down around his shoulders.

"I'm terribly... sorry...." I fumbled around, grabing my papers and such while he watched me with a smirk.

"A Muse... I should have known....." He sneared. I blinked rappidly... and that was the exact moment the sweet, shy Muse was replaced with the angry, deadly Muse. I glared up at him, the same glare that had made invading armies think twice, and even Miana tremble. To say the least, he backed up a few steps. I grabbed my journal and started to walk away when a young woman joined him. She wore a rather blinding white gown with her long green hair tied in a bun and rapped around her head. She joined in the conversation.

"Another one of those funny little mooses." They both laughed.

"Muses are such weird creatures..." they laughed harder. I turned around, still displaying my glare.

"Yes, I suppose we are." This stopped their laughing, it wasn't the response they'd expected.

"Then would you mind explaining why?" The man sneared again.

"Because sir..." My lips dripped with sarcasum, "Muses... how can I say this... 'Think beyond the box' as the saying goes."

"Yea... right..." The man rolled his eyes while the woman amused herself by playing with some stray hairs.

"If you don't know what the saying means.. you've proven my point." The woman began laughing, not at me, but at the blank stare the man displayed.