Nexus Biographies


(\/) A Trip to Kyoto

~Third Moon, Seventh Sun, Fifty-Fifth Year of Yuri's Reign

The Muse Guild of Buya has not faced an audit by the Central Guild since it first opened in the 19th Year of Yuri's Reign. The only evaluation of our guild was that by the Eastern Guild (based in Kyoto, Ilbon); in their only silent evaluation, Elder GuardianIV was hastily and without warning transferred to Ilbon. More than thirty years later, Master Thales of the Council of the Helicon, Hand of Melpomene, one of the most powerful and influential Muses in the Central Guild (which is, naturally, the base of the worldwide Muse Guild), has come from Parnassus, far to the West, to audit the Buyian Muse Guild. In less than a week since his arrival, he has shown contempt and prejudice for our Guild and its members, and two days ago deposed both Senior Guide Lokira and myself.

Suddenly, everything made sense; the sudden appearance of the Nine Muse Sisters throughout Koguryo and Buya is an event that has not occurred since the original Nine appeared at the founding of the Central Guild at Parnassus, far to the West. For them to appear in Buya indicates a shift in the cultural center of the world, from West to East; obviously, Thales wishes to control the culture of the entire world by becoming the elder of our "backwater" Guild--soon the world's center!

Using special rituals of travel reserved for emergencies, I summoned a Dragon with my Piri and flew to Kyoto to meet with the heads of the Eastern Guild. I had several complaints to lodge against Thales, indeed; I fully intended to prove his intent to consolidate his power in the East, in order to bring it back to the West.

I was well-recieved; it seemed the Central Guild had already informed them of my visit. (Damned Thales and his messenger pigeons!) Without a moment's wait, I was taken to see the Master of the Eastern Muse Guild. I was surprised by who greeted me as I was taken through the Heian-style Garden.

"Maestra Kiyone-sama. Hisashiburi."

"...Guardian! Uh... Yo!"

Guardian IV, founder of the Buyian Muse Guild, who was deposed so silently and called home to Ilbon, had been, in fact, called home to serve as the Master of the Eastern Guild.

We have an ally in Kyoto; Guardian IV assured me that our Guild has the full support of the Eastern Guild in this matter, and he will be sending for the Helicon immediately. Scribble and Lathander returned from Shilla with positive results, although they did affirm the authorative changes announced in the recent Guild convention, which Thales has invoked.

Regardless, Guardian IV has sent immediate word to the Helicon at Parnassus, so that the Council will be made aware of Thales' treachery. Surely Helicon Artalis will immediately visit our Guild, to see the Nine Muses for himself and to aid us in our autonomous endeavors.


~Muse Maestra~