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(\/) Book of Forever (Odessa)

Notes: Here lies the complete translated text of the Book of Forever, the first of two volumes later bound as Book Zero. Both volumes were the project of Master Muse Odessa, who writes of herself in the third person in the narratives that accompany Book Zero. She also uses the term "Forever City" to refer to a real historical place we do not know the name of. It is widely accepted by scholars that Odessa wrote these introductions several years after the original books were compiled. ~Kiyone

(\/) The Book of Forever (\/)


Master Muse Odessa

Year 665, [illegible]

Society was in decline across the once-great kingdom, where even the finest of families had seen their sons turn to banditry and their daughters to harlotry. Death for the mighty kingdom was not far off, and the capital of the Kingdom at the City of Forever was but the last stronghold of culture and prosperity.

When the culture and fabric of a society begins to break down, the Muses are the first to know, for the death of culture is but the signal of the inevitable death of civilization. For this reason, the Elders of the Muses asked Master Muse Odessa to compile two tomes of incantations, spells, charms, and powerful rituals so that they would not be lost to the ages. As she worked away on this project, the two volumes became full of the most powerful of ancient magics, in two tomes: a Book of Forever and a Book of Destruction.

One night, as her project neared completion, Odessa grew weary and decided to visit the town across the river. Due to the river between the twin cities, this town insisted on remaining independent of the capital, but was still the Forever City just as two flowers are of the same root, two blossoms of the same tree.

Odessa went to her favorite tavern at the riverside, and was greeted warmly by the barkeep, who begged her to sing, as he always did. She obliged, having brought her lyre in full anticipation of such a request. After a few songs, she sat down at the bar for her favorite drink, Moon Wine. As she sipped her most heavenly of indulgences, her eyes locked with those of the man sitting next to her, a boyish-faced ruffian named Miyoko. He was roughly cut and slightly filthy, but his face shone with an unusual beauty. He stared at her for a moment, bewildered, before he opened his mouth.

"Now that I have heard a voice like yours, I can hear no other," he said, tears in his eyes. "Now that I've heard your song, I can hear no other."

They sat there, together, drinking moon wine, talking of nothings and everythings, learning each others' names and repeating them gloriously within their own minds. Under the lyre of another wandering Muse, they gave themselves up to the music surrounding them and the moon wine within them, and two lovers that night slept beneath the stars, surrounded by the eternal song in the City of Forever.