Nexus Biographies


Capricious Dress (Kiyone)

This evening, I was sitting in my circle, musing as usual, when I suddenly looked down at my Sonhi dress. An engraving read "Twiggy's mini-skirt," which prompted me to ask myself why. True, it was an inside joke dating back to my days in the Sun Moon clan, where "Twiggy" was my alias, but I couldn't remember the exact reason for the life of me.

"I ought to get this re-engraved," I said to Revels. "What do you think?"

"Kiyone," Revels said. "You're a walking Caprice, you know that?"

And she was right. Everything I do, it seems, is on a whim. That engraving, among some of my finest decisions, additions, and contributions to the guild and the community--all were products of spontaneous notions.

I grinned, and stared down at my Sonhi dress, one of the oldest in existence, a present from Shaotai. This dress, which I have worn nearly every day (occsionally changing to a drapery or Sun gown in colder weather, of course), seems to be attached to me. If it were possible to have one article of clothing that was pure Kiyone, it would be this cute little skirt that seems to follow my every whim, its tail bouncing along in agreement with every idea I have.

As the dress is me personified, I named it on what inspired me to name it in the first place--"Caprice."