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The Day Purgatory Froze

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes and is entirely fictitious in nature. Any events, circumstances, or names of people, places and things is coincidental. Only mean and nasty mythic animals were harmed during the making of this production. ~giggles~


"The Day, Purgatory...Froze Over"

Once upon a time, in a land not so very far away, there was a small nation called Pixus. The inhabitants of Pixus, Indians called Pixelites, were a curious lot who spent nearly every waking second in pursuit of insight and wealth. This practice often lead to raiding parties being led deep into the lairs of mythical animals, who would be murdered and their homes plundered.

The strongest warrior of the Pixelites was known as GentleBreeze. This warrior was revered by many as a man of power and was looked to by the peasantry and young Pixelites as being a god of some kind. Stories of his strength filled the ears of children being tucked into bed, the tavern patrons marvelled at his battle prowess, and practically every warrior in the land dreamt of one day being as marvelous as the one called GentleBreeze.

It so happens that GentleBreeze was so strong that very few Pixelite healers could effectively restore him to health after bloody battles. GentleBreeze became known throughout the land for his practice of training healers while hunting, often five or more at each time. These healers would travel with him into the caves of his prey, mending his self-inflicted wounds. It is rumored that a younger warrior named CowsTail, who was known for his honesty and practical jokes, once prophesied that if GentleBreeze was ever to be refused aide from a healer of the land, something quite dreadful and unexpected would happen. Most Pixelites took his warnings to be a display of humor, knowing that surely no healer would refuse the honor of aiding one such as GentleBreeze.

In this same land, long after GentleBreeze gained his status as the strongest warrior, there was born a girl whose parents named her StarChild (because the sky was filled with dancing stars for her birth). StarChild was a loving girl with a kind heart, and her happiness was found through inspiring smiles in others. She began learning the arts of healing at a young age and quickly mastered the secrets. Her insight into life grew as she began to use her skills in the midst of battle, allowing her to learn new secrets. After much hard work, she finally attained the highest insight known to her people.

There is always something new to learn, however, and reaching the final insight is not the end of growth for the Pixelites. There are levels of status within the nation of Pixus which can be attained once you have earned the last insight. Only three of these are known to exist: Ill Sun, Wee Sun, and Sum Sun. No Pixelite has yet managed to get Sum Sun and, as a result, are pale with envy of the outsider that is fabled to have attained this status.

Years passed and GentleBreeze continued to grow stronger, while StarChild continued to grow more knowledgeable in the healing ways. The day finally arrived when StarChild passed the trials for the status of Ill Sun. After recovering from the massive headaches that resulted from such an effort, she returned to the mythical hunting grounds.

No sooner than she had arrived near the western edge of the mystical realm, she was approached by GentleBreeze. The well-known warrior proceeded to ask StarChild if she would wish to join him and be trained in the lair of the mythical rats. Still weary from her recent trials, and known for her own humor, the newly Ill Sun healer replied, "And what time will the train be departing?"

GentleBreeze, not used to such a manner of questioning, answered in soft tones, "We'll leave in just a few moments."

With a slight smile, StarChild politely bowed her head toward the revered hunter and said, "Oh, I am sorry GentleBreeze, but I cannot. You see, I've had no time to purchase my boarding pass!" Without waiting to see his reaction, she walked away slowly, giggling to herself. GentleBreeze was left scratching his head in puzzlement, confused by her words and attempting to decipher the reply.

At that same time, the warrior CowsTail happened to be wandering the halls of Purgatory in search of the exit, having just had a very close encounter with the spirits of Death. He felt a chill run up his spine as he realized that his feet had just become firmly planted to the ground on which he had been walking. Eyes wide with surprise, he glanced quickly in each direction and was suddenly hit with the reality of what had just happened. Purgatory...had promptly frozen over.

CowsTail shook his head smiling, then turned his eyes skyward. Speaking to no one in particular, he said, "No one is ever gonna believe this..." Laughing to himself, he muttered, "If I ever get out of here."

--The End--

This has been a production =)

Author: Narayana