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(\/) A Tale of Glue and Wood

Come Sit, and Listen, to a Tale,

A Tale of Wood, and Glue,

To Forge a Harmony of Sound,

Of Danso, and Gonghu.

From lands far away to our homelands, music is a part of our lives. It is there to comfort us when we are sad, or to share joy with others when we ourselves are glad. It has been used to influence emotions and share our inner feelings. Even a single note tells a story and invokes a feeling. As traveling bards may show you, there are many different instruments with amazingly unique sounds. The Tungso, the Chuk, the Eo and Bu, each shows us a new facet of music. A new reprise of emotion. A renewed sense of purpose. Music.

It has been anyone's experience who has picked up an instrument to experience these feelings. From beating on your mother's clay pots to blowing on your father's empty wine flask, the enjoyment that comes from making music is not just for other's benefits. As such, we will support these inspirational tendencies how we can. It is time we made available our finely crafted musical instruments, tended to with an artisan's hand and waiting for the next virtuoso to touch.

Oho, not so quick. First of all, we cannot begin to teach you how to play music yet. While knowledge is power, it is not yet time for the explosion of orchestral proportions. As it is, you will be content to be your own musician, playing by ear and learning the basics. Also, there are only so many instruments we could make for you. The Senap and Maegu require a strong will and a graced hand to manage, and are not easily mastered, so we cannot in good faith allow an inexperienced musician to attempt them. These instruments are also very difficult to make. With the demand so high and the supply so low, our artisans will need to work diligently to keep up. Because of this, we only will allow one person to quest for an instrument every 2 years. Lastly, to receive an instrument, you must prove that you are devoted to the cause and the guild, both in mind and body.

Think of it as a quest for enlightenment, a chance to express yourself.

If you fancy yourself to be a musician, and simply require the tools, please contact the Muse Guild of Buya. One of our Master Muses will be glad to help you in some way, whether it is to begin your quest or show you to someone who can. Simply look for one of us who can guide you and you will be on your way.

On a last note, please be careful. There are many unscrupulous instrument dealers that simply wish to make a quick profit off of you. They will attempt to sell you low quality instruments mass produced in Han for thousands of coins, much more than any rational muse could afford. It is a scam! Do not settle for anything less than a Muse Certified Instrument. They are cheaper, finely created, and designed specifically for you in mind!

The Tale is Done and Duly Fought,

Of Whether Music's Through,

But the Muse Guild has a Say,

Of Danso, and Gonghu.

-Ska the Usurper

Muse Maestro

Prodigy of the Ages