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Girl's Confession

Late at night I stumbled into the Circle after a bit of libertine decadance at Spring's Tavern ~evil grin~ and saw Girl in her usual place. "~hic~! Heyyy Girll... How's 'bout a nogre draught..?" I slurred as I handed her a half-empty bottle of the potent fizzy. Girl sniffed at it, looked at me with an eyebrow raised, swished it around and gingerly sipped from the flagon. When she was satisfied it wasn't poisoned, she guzzled it faster than a Barbarian at a "Whose Sword Is Bigger?" contest.

After quite a bit more of this absurdity, Girl must've felt I either wasn't a threat or wanted to befriend me and backstab me later, but in any case she slapped me on the back and grinned, saying, "Say.. Bastet - wanna see somethin' swanky? ~hic~" and reached into the barrel behind her. "Been savin' thisss fer a special occasion.. heh.. hehe. Old man in Nagnang couldn' resizzt mah charms.." she slurred, winking at me but looking more like she had a facial tic. She then pulled out a long switch, a poet's whip, and fingered it admiringly. She told me it had abilities no other poet's whip had and she weasled it out of the old poet master in Nagnang after enchanting him with her evil Girl ways. "Ahv been eyein' some of thossse moosies.. heh..hehehe...Their screams would sound like moosic!"

I knew then that Girl had yet another diabolical plan, or were we just too schnitzed? Either way, she had to be stopped. Pulling out another bottle of Ogre draught, I passed it to Girl as she gluttonously drank it down in one long gulp and swooning, slumped against the barrel. With Girl out cold, I slipped the whip from her icy grip and ran out of the Circle.

So now I look at this odd weapon and wonder why Girl hasn't screamed for its return. Does she know I took it? Does she know it's gone? Has she sobered up at all? And will anyone clean up her drool on the Circle floor? Too many questions to ponder.. someone hand me another of Yunsil's Morning After Tonics.

It has been many weeks since I acquired Girl's strange whip from Nagnang. Nausica and I have noticed that whenever she comes to close while I weild the whip, Koi's head vibrates uncontrollably. It's quite disturbing.

I still haven't gauged the powers this whip has, though it feels my hand, like it belongs there. I feel as if I have been trained to use one for years, though never before this have I ever held such an item.

In the wee hours of today's morning, I awoke with a start to look over my bed and see the whip faintly glowing. A powerful urge rose inside me to weild it. I climbed out of bed and down towards my sack where the whip was piled and grabbed hold of it. A surge of energy ran through my body, filling me with incredible energy, making me feel -- powerful.

I felt almost maniacal as I ran out of my home and towards the Circle in my nightdress. 'Girl!' I shouted, waking her from her drooling slumber. 'Girl! What on earth have you done? What IS this thing!?' Girl rolled over, squinted up at me with her sleepy eyes and smirked. 'Girl??' She chuckled, a soft, evil chuckle and said, 'Oh... nothing...' and with that rolled back into her pallet of straw to sleep, refusing to wake for anything.

Gripping the leather whip, I wandered out of the Circle, not knowing where I was going, but knowing somehow I was being *led*... I ended up in the Theatre and lo! there was Girl! But..she wasn't Girl? She was muttering incomprehensibly, something about kicking things. I approached slowly, but suddenly I was drawn closer and faster - like a magnet was pulling me! I fought to stay back, my feet slipping on the carpets. Before I knew it, I was nose to nose with the Girl clone. She stopped her babbling mid-sentence and snapped her gaze up to meet mine with ice-cold eyes. I trembled.

As we stood staring at each other, I smelled an odd odour, something distinctly like ozone. The whip glowed even brighter, pulsing in my hand. 'Must...fight...Must... make it..submit...' a voice sounded in my mind that sounded much like my own voice. Without consulting my sane self, my arm raised behind me to weild the whip against the Girl clone and she broke her gaze, cowering before me, resuming her babble... 'Nonononono!Kickitout!Kickitout!Ki-ki-kiiii!!!'

Shaken, I stopped myself and lowered the whip, wondering what I was doing. I ran out of the theatre and back to my home, throwing the whip into a chest in the corner of my room and locked it shut. What is this thing..? And why did Girl let it slip so easily out of her drunken hands that night not so long ago?

I am heading to the archives to research this thing. I don't know what Buya or Kugnae will have on Nagnang weapons, but it's worth a shot... Maybe what I really need to do is visit the old man in the Nagnang mountains...

While reading the posts in the Circle, I heard a croak coming from Girl's place. I turned around as she slurred, "Heeeyyy..Bastet... ~hic~" and suddenly smelled the reek of booze as she stumbled closer. I noticed there were empty bottle strewn about and realized Girl was schnitzed again.

"Yeew know.. I like yeww.. yer my frieeend.." she slurred again. "I like the Mooses, ya know.. They've grown on me.." I wondered if she really meant that, or if she was just influenced by the plethora of ogre draughts. As I listened to her, humouring her condition, she said, "Bassstet.. I gots a secret... Ya know I was gonna give Ki~hic~ Ki..~hic~ Kiyone a present.. but it's GONE!" she stumbed over and fell on her rear.

"It's gone..?" I asked. "Erm.. what was it?"

"A whip! I gots it frommm.. sum guy in Nagnang.. Itzz special!"

"Oh.. I umm, haven't seen it," I lied. I pondered the whip I had in my possession from Girl's last drunken revelry, and wondered why she didn't recall that I had it. And was it really meant for Kiyone? If it was, were her intentions good, or.. Girl-like? I noticed the strange powers this thing had, and it frightened me by its control over me, yet it was alluring..

"~hic~! Iii dunno.. mebbe it'llll turn up..." Girl muttered as she wandered off to her barrels - but then she froze. She saw another Girl, just like her in appearance, silently standing in her place. "AHHHHHH!!! Who'rrrrre youuuu!?!" she shouted in surprise. "Another me!? Wait!!" Girl had a revelation. "You, the one upstairs, the ones in the Theatre... oh god! Clones! All of you!" She turned to me with a disconcerting grin and her eyes flashed with a moment of sobriety. "You know what this means, Bastet...?"

I looked at her, silent, not knowing what to say to her behaviour and shrugged. Girl grabbed the last half-filled bottle of Ogre draught and ran maniacally out of the Circle, shouting to the whole land, "I AM FREE!!! Ah ahahahahahah!!!" And with that, she vanished.

Goddess' Muse

Weilder of the Whip