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"Girl" SpyVSSpy

[Muse Story Contest Honorable Mention Winner: "Girl" by SpyVSSpy.]

"Can I buy you a drink?"

A man asked a lady.

No thanks, I can hardly think,

and I've been on edge lately.

Well tell me what makes you ail,

if you do not mind.

"Would you like to hear a tale?"

She kindly replied.

With a smile and a nod,

sure why not.

Unprepared for what he got,

it was no where near what he thought.

In a land far away,

an evil did grow.

Arriving here today,

but where I don't know.

She is said to be brilliant,

a very fine muse.

Though at times so resilient,

with a very short fuse.

Her pen does flow,

like the waters of a river.

I wouldn't cross her though,

her hates so cold it'll make you shiver.

On her first trip to these parts,

she met a young muse Kioyne.

Who helped bring hope to her heart,

no longer was she lonely.

Kioyne introduced her to the guild,

excited she was.

Her life now seemed filled,

along with a purpose.

The years went by slowly but surely,

things seemed great.

Each morning she would rise bright and early,

but deep inside she hid her hate.

Until one cloudy afternoon,

late in fall.

She bumped into this bafoon,

at a casting call.

He told her her acting was poor,

and that she was unskilled

He had no idea what was in store.

and would end up killed.

Her pent up anger and hate,

came rising to the top.

It was already to late,

the whole guild couldn't make her stop.

Frightened by this event,

the guild had an issue.

We will let you repent,

or else we must dismiss you.

Scared to lose the ones she needed,

the girl agreed.

She was given tasks to be completed,

quite difficult indeed.

After many yuris had passed,

she was finally done.

Cleansed again at last,

hard time served under the sun.

Today she returns to our land,

with still some hate.

I hope you can understand,

but tell no one of her fate.

Confused the man asked why,

a great tale it is.

With a smile and a short reply,

"Because Across from you she sits."


-Spy vs Spy-