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Girl's Icy Wrath

A Story in "B" Flat

~(As in, Be Flattened)~

Girl looked around the empty theater, and yawned. She knew in just a few moments it would fill with life, laughter, and human emotion. She knew this, and waited. She grinned for a moment, thinking of all the happy people that would find a place close to the stage, and spend time not thinking about their worldly cares...dropping their guard to their immediate threat...And that is when she would strike. She closed her eyes and envisioned her moment of victory, beating senseless the one who sat a bit too close to her, then tossing them out the door...

Every friday was the same routine. She loved the idea that she could hold so much power over anyone, with no repurcussions. A kindly muse that was known as Ska Demon had been bringing fresh bodies into the theater every week for her to play with. He greeted everyone warmly as they took the seats, and told them to 'Play nice, or else you won't enjoy the show as much!' Although usually silent, Girl would let a snicker slip every time he uttered these words. She knew there were always the troublemakers...And the muses allowed her, and actually condoned her actions against these ones that wished to set back culture. For this she lived, to torment the be on top.

The people started filing into the theater, and Girl had already spotted her target. She eyed a young peasant by the name of FuManPoo, a rather reckless knave that was known throughout the land for his wild antics and filthy mouth. She knew immediately he would be her target...Soon the muses came, and as the hour neared, everyone conversed among themselves and happily agreed they would win the day's contest, or would be called on stage to participate in the crazy antics of the buyan muse guild.

The hour tolled. As it did, One last man scurried into the theater, out of breath. He looked around at the crowd, smiled, and took his place on stage. 'Welcome to the gathering, Everyone! I am The Demon of A'ruhska, and on behalf of the Buyan Muse Guild, I would like to welcome you to our grand gathering of the arts! Now remember everyone, Play nice, or else you won't enjoy the show much!' Girl, mimicing the movements of ska's mouth, let a small snicker escape. 'Late as usual, eh?' FuManPoo shouted over the theater, noticing Ska's late entry.

'Eh...So, does anyone have any stories or poems they would like to share?' Ska asked. Girl shook her head slightly and sighed. She wished someone would cause a disturbance. Just as she thought that...

'I do! Me me me!' FuManPoo jumped up and down and stamped his feet. Ska let his compassion get the best of him and said 'Sure, Come on up! We love to hear everyone's poetry!' and stepped to the side, motioning to the stage...

FuManPoo jumped to the center of the stage, bowed, and said 'THIS IS MY POEM I HOPE YOU LIKE IT' The other muses shook their head at ska, who grinned and said 'Go on! I want to hear this.' Girl grinned as well, and thought how lovely FuManPoo's blood would look.

'OK HERE IT IS. ROSES ARE RED, SOYLENT GREEN'S PEOPLE, I ()$#*@ THE *$#()@, AND $#!@(#! THE STEEPLE!' The muses began shouting insults at FuManPoo for such lewd behaviour, but ska raised his hand, smiled, and said 'That was lovely. Here is a reward for your grand work!' And he motioned toward girl.

She Sprang toward him with the speed of a tiger, and extended her arm to give him one strong haymaker, to end any struggle their might be...when all of a sudden, a bolt of ice shot toward girl, freezing her arm in it's place. She kept moving though, and her fist made contact with FuManPoo, knocking him clear across the stage and into the wall. She then looked at her arm, and saw that her hand was paralyzed. She then looked toward the back of the theater to see who was foolish enough to attack her...

A man stood there, his hand extended toward Girl, A smirk on his face. Ska turned to him and said 'Excuse me sir, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You're interfering with the show.' 'NONSENSE!' the man bellowed, 'THIS IS NO SHOW!' Ska shook his head, smiled, and said 'Girl bludgeoning people senseless IS part of the show! It draws as much of a crowd as our poetry and stories does! Now, may I ask who you are, so that I may rid you from our fun?' The man Leered at Girl, then shouted 'MY NAME IS FUMAGEPOO, AND YOU HAVE OFFENDED MY KINDRED! )(%#&@(*#@(*$)@&*()(!& %*#&@%)(#@*%#(@' Obscenities flew from his mouth to the ears of the theatergoers, and ice bolts flew toward Girl. She was too fast, though, and had given him a shot to the face with her iced hand, followed by a knee to the groin. He whimpered in pain, and the crowd cheered. She smiled, then began beating him over the head with her Iced hand. The muses laughed hysterically, and sighed. 'That's our Girl!' They said in unison as she escorted both people out the door.

The theater is once again empty, save for one man who still sits in his spot. He stares at girl, and she thinks about what he could be thinking about. He gets up, and walks toward her. She averts her eyes, and he begins poking at her shoulder. 'Hello?' He asks, and she gives no reply. 'Geez. You don't have to give me the cold shoulder...' he says, and stomps off angrily. She snickers, and mutters under her breath 'Yes...The cold shoulder. But isn't it better that then my Icy Wrath?'