Nexus Biographies


Hu's Excuse (HuSanNiang)

A dragon lives downstairs. He is not a very brave or clever dragon, and does not breathe fire. In fact, fire scares him, and should he smell smoke he will give a peircing wail, and cower in the corner until he can be reassured that all is well and safe.

This dragon does not breathe fire, oh no. He breathes magic. He breathes the magic that lights the lanterns and heats the water. He breathes the magic that stokes the fires and cooks the soup. And he breathes the magic that transports Hu to the Kingdom.

But he is a timid dragon. And thunderstorms frighten him. Should lightning strike nearby he goes and hides in a cupboard, and will not do any of his tasks until he the storm has passed, and he has been sufficiently comforted. And so at such times Hu has to sit in the dark and live on peanut butter sandwiches, and comfort her dragon until he feels better.

So Hu is sorry that she was late for her appointment today, but her dragon was upset.

-Hu San Niang