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(\/) Book Zero (Odessa)


1. The Books of Forever and Destruction were rebound as one volume approximately ten years after their respective completions and christened "Book Zero." The author Odessa wrote an epilogue to Book Zero in which she finishes her story. She continues to refer to herself in the third person here with the exception of the last paragraph.

2. After the events of this story, the Guild grew in size and became a city unto itself; the names "Parnassus" and "Central Guild" were adapted for the City and Guild by the Council of the Nine a hundred years later as the Muse Guild began to open chapters in other kingdoms and cities. It is widely believed that in the end of this entry the term "Forever City" has shifted from a metaphor for the old city to a name Odessa had actually given to modern-day Parnassus. ~Kiyone

Odessa gathered the survivors of her Guild and called out the survivors of the Forever City, including the barkeep and his family, who had survived the inferno but lost their home. She called upon all who were artists, archivists, scientists, musicians, thespians, and teachers; she called upon them to go with her and start anew.

The Harlequins, without their leadership, quickly imploded. The syndicate's power over the lands was engulfed with flames along with the Forever City. With this, the barkeep told her the details of Graej and Miyoko's deeds.

They found a place called the Origin, at a mountain so perfectly unique and rich in resources that the Muses themselves could have carved it as some sort of practical joke, for it was not a big imposing mountain to cross, but a warm and welcoming paradise.

Here at the Origins we have founded the Guild of the Muses.

From the ashes of the old, we have given birth, at the end of this world and this era, to the culture that will live forever.

I have given birth to a child. That child is the Muse.

So we will live for all eternity in our City of Forever.

~Helicon Odessa~

(\/) Year 0