Nexus Biographies


Kiyone's Abduction (Lokira)

As efforts to free Revels had failed, Kiyone agreed to pay the Spies the 10 million coin ransom demanded. We gathered in the Muse Garden at the appointed time, and Kiyone held a large bag full of coins. DarkMaverick, grayee, myself and others counseled against paying the ransom, but Maestra Kiyone wished only for the safe return of Revels. She held out the bag, which was eagerly snatched by Waterboy.

We followed Waterboy to the not-so-secret lair of the Spies, to retrieve Revels from her bondage. But spies cannot be trusted and once Kiyone had passed through the door, it was slammed in our faces and the gate barred. We listened with horror to the screams and cries of Revels and Kiyone, powerless to break through the sturdy gate. After a time we were allowed to enter, where we found Kiyone, with Revels, imprisoned within.

If only she had heeded our warnings. Along with the ransom, our beloved Muse Elder was snatched as well! The Spies, concerned only with lining their coffers with gold, now plan to execute both Revels and Maestra Kiyone.

But for every lock, there is a key.

Time is short for me to recount the long history and tale of the Ring of Illusion. But once, while under the malign influence of the Ring, Kiyone imprisoned me. I stood in a prison of mist and shadow.

I was released from my prison by an Ephemeral Key. It is not a key of physical form, instead, it is one of ritual. Michaela found the Ephemeral Key that released me from my prison in the first volume of an ancient book. I carry another book, a gift of the Diviners to the Muses, that may contain another Ephemeral Key.

For every prison, there is an Ephemeral Key that will return the imprisoned.

Somewhere within the ancient scrolls and musty tomes, there is a ritual - a ritual that is the Ephemeral Key to release Maestra Kiyone and Revels from the foul spy prison. I ask that everyone who is outraged by the acts of the Spies; everyone who values the efforts of Revels; everyone who respects Maestra Kiyone - please! - help us find the Ephemeral Key. Search the libraries and archives of the kingdoms. Find the ritual that will create the Ephemeral Key to free Revels & Maestra Kiyone.


Kwi-Sin Master Muse