Nexus Biographies


Looking For a Friend (Lokira)

*Slumps into the Circle, looking depresssed. Evades Muses playing tag, and ascends to the Guide room*

Lokira: Geez, seems like everyone around here has a special friend - a pet, a talking item...something. Everyone except me. Wait, maybe...

*Picks up her Faerie Light*

Lokira: This has to be special. After all the gods gave this to me. Well, FL?

Faerie Light:

Lokira: Aww, c'mon. Say something!

Faerie Light:

*Swings Faerie Light*

Lokira: Oh, I get it. You're not gonna talk to me because I was using an Enchanted Charm for a while. I gave that up so I could create Musical Charms. Fine, be jealous. But I do have that Enchanted Musical Charm I made..

*Shakes Enchanted Musical Charm*

Enchanted Musical Charm: Twang!

Lokira: Oooh! That's something. But what does it mean?

*Shakes Enchanted Musical Charm again*

Enchanted Musical Charm: Ding!

Lokira: Hmmm. That's not talking. Let's see what else I have...

*Empties the contents of pockets & bag onto the floor. Begins shaking & swinging a variety of objects, with lots of noise, but nothing resembling speech.. A goat wanders over and begins eating a Gold Acorn*

Lokira: Hey! I was gonna use that at the Hyun Moo shrine! Wait! Kiyone seems to understand the goats., are you?

*Goat wanders over & begins nibbling on Sun Gown*

Lokira: Ugh! Now I've got goat spit all over my gown.

*Pushes goat away*

Goat: Baaaah!

*Goat returns to nosing through the pile of objects & begins nibbling on Ancient Muse Rituals, Volume II*

Lokira: Stop that! You're destroying historical documents!

*Chases goat away, then replaces items in pockets & bags*

Lokira: Well, there's always Girl. Heyo, Girl!

Girl: What? You expect me to have a conversation with you?

Lokira: Why not? You are here after all and...

Girl: After what you and Kiyone have done to me?

Lokira: Huh?

Girl: Don't give me that innocent look. First you feed Michaela some poison soup...

Lokira: It was an accident, really! I misread my grandmother's recipe and...

Girl: Yeah right. Then Kiyone gets paranoid and suddenly I'm the poisoner and all-around not-nice person. I may have to talk to Kiyone since she's the Elder, but I don't have anything to say to you.

Lokira: Aw Girl, c'mon. I'm not the one who gave you the bad reputation.


Lokira: Forget this. Maybe if I want someone to talk to, I should find a person. There are plenty in the Circle and outside.

*Pulls out a Yellow Scroll & vanishes from the Circle*