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Leave it to Strikes

In the great kingdom of Buya there once lived a wise nobleman, so clear in thought that he was rumored to be the son of an immortal. His wisdom and wit were essential tools to the royalty of Buya, and he was cherished as a man among men by his contemporaries.

However, this story is not about him. This is a tale of a man whose pathetic existence is devoted solely to the study of Yellow Scrolls. This is Scrollie's tale.

Scrollie was born to a family of peasants--his father was of drunken stock and his mother was a horse thief, as was her mother before her, and her mother's mother, and her mother's mother's mother. While Scrollie's twenty-seven siblings each pursued similar lives of vagrancy and public defecation, Scrollie had larger ambitions. Fascinated by the many levels of sociological and pyschological observations made by various social classes coming together in a common ground -- the tavern -- Scrollie sought to study the item he believed was the great equalizer of society: the yellow scroll. He has since devoted his entire life to studying yellow scrolls, in hopes that his studies will have any sort of impact on the world.

Scrollie's studies, his goals, and his life could not possibly be any more of a complete, absolute, total, and spectacular failure... or so one would think. However, to add to his pathetic purpose, his constant attempts to seduce Yunsil have met with complete and utter rejection, as his heavy gut and malodorous nature earn the scorn of her ladle's backside.

Scrollie now lives in Poetic Justice, bemoaning his circumstance and offering yellow scrolls to anyone who wishes to buy them. While we try not to make eye contact with him when doing so, the Muses find it most charitable to buy these scrolls from him, as it is the only way he is able to eat. We also employ him as an inept guardsman for Girl's prison.

He is an endearing fellow. We just wish he'd go away.


~Muse Maestra~