Nexus Biographies



Once in the land of Kugnae there lived a poet whose beauty, compassion, and love was matched only by her wit and fierce loyalty to her country. A powerful poet was she, for she was truly an exemplary walker of the Path of Love. Loved universally by the community and gods alike, the Sage Luka was a mentor and friend to all who approached her.

I first met Luka in my earliest days of poethood, unaware of what directions I should take. With the help of JaydePhoenix (who taught me the ways of the spirits), Faulkner (who showed me the ways of wisdom), and JubeiX (who protected me as a tiger protects its offspring), Luka taught me the ways of the Path of Love and the means to become an aspiring Sage, though she later broke her own vows and became a Valkyrie after marriage.

When a threat to the community was near, however, Luka would often break her peaceful, placid demeanor to inspire the community with her talent for the spoken word. In the most dire of situations, Luka would shout down the nomad leader KaKhan or proudly tell BlueStone to "Still thy blasphemous tongue! Perish!" With a sense of humor as golden as her Sun gown (though she herself preferred the shimmer of Moon), she would often suggest to solve personal problems with peaceful, yet assertive means. ("Parcel rat meat to someone you dislike!" being her most famous of quotes.)

Luka was often seen at the spot she loved the most: the bridge just west of the East gate of Koguryo. She departed these lands many years ago, but if you visit the bridge on the night of a full moon, perhaps you can catch a glimpse of her gown's glimmer upon the water's edge.