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(\/) Muse Artifacts

The Muse Guild has an interesting collection of treasures within our circle, those of mysterious abilities and great importance:

Ring of Illusion -- A gift to Kiyone from the Muse Guild of Han in her last visit, the Ring of Illusion has the ability to create powerful illusions to amuse others. However, when it first arrived in these lands, it created powerful, evil illusions to turn the Muses and Shamen against each other, due to centuries of misuse by Muses and unsavory types who created evil illusions in self-defense or as a diversion for thievery. It was purged of its tainting and is now held by the Elder or a Guide for safekeeping.

Muse Rituals, Book Zero -- An ancient text, partially translated and written in archaic lettering, that contains a plethora of different, often powerful rituals, ranging from purification of the circle to a dance to make moon paper to a curse that removes a person from having ever existed. However, much of the powerful rituals remain untranslated. The book also contains translation and liner notes from past and present Muse Elders from around the world.

Ancient Muse Rituals, Book I and Book II -- Partial texts of Book Zero, each containing what has been translated from the old text so far.

Ol' Stabby -- Posessed by Kiyone, it is the mighty military fork that vanquished the evil peasant xSagux. It was once weilded by the Mighty Warrior-Scribe, Cait.

Head of Koi -- A powerful gift from former Shaman Elder JaydePhoenix, who initially removed it. Diviner Koi is quite level-headed now, thanks to the band of vigilantes who removed the head of the former sorceress.

Ceremonial Drum -- Possessed by the Elder since the founding of the Guild, the Ceremonial Drum is a symbol of all the Muse stands for, and a powerful tool to be used in rituals.

Timmy -- The sassy talking Death's head of Muse Skademon, he's more than partly responsible for Ska's admittance to the guild; however, since Timmy is so loveable, he is forgiven for any fraud or murder he may have committed so that Ska could join the guild.

Girl's Whip -- Only seen so far by one Muse, Girl's whip has powers beyond anything else concievable. Luckily, she misplaced it and has not been able to find it, so she must resort to merely trying to poison us all with her soup.

Others -- All shapechanging items, such as Eggs, Dragon Teeth, Pumpkins, and Phantom Dusts are kept in large numbers in our banks, to be used in performances. Many Muses carry props with them wherever they go, such as Michaela's Lyre, Komiko's One-Stringed Harp, Kiyone's Justicar Costume, Fable's Book of Fables, or Gabrial's Harp of Telpischore. Other items, such as Mirrors, Books of Song, and Royal Parchments, are extremely valued by our path.


-Muse Elder-