Nexus Biographies


The Story of Miyoko and Graej

[...Born in a noble family, Miyoko was a single child. Miyoko was brilliant; very well educated and possibly the smartest person in the kingdoms. Miyoko's childhood was blissful; not a cloud to overshadow his peaceful existance... The only thing that was a bit peculiar about Miyoko, that set him aside from the rest of the family, was the red light eliminated out of the depths of his eyes. It was the -only- thing that made him stand out in the crowd, aside from a certain statue that separates a nobleman from a common peasant.]

[As the childhood bid adui, things have changed ....When Miyoko entered tender teens, he committed a crime - he murdered every other member of his family and anyone who carried the same blood which ran through his veins, even most furthest connections. People were confused...why, what pushed this youth to such a gruelsome act, but before anyone could ask, Miyoko has vanished.]

[Miyoko started an organization with the money he had from his family. The people he round up, were all murders who loved the bloodthriving thrill of slaughtering left and right. Miyoko's most loyal follower was... Graej.]

[The organization continued to spread havoc throughout the kingdoms, then soon further neighboring kingdoms. This organization was well known, it was feared. The name Miyoko and Graej trembled peoples hearts up to the shake of the heavens.]

[The name Miyoko and Graej]

[The names which represented: Bloodlust, Homicide, Hate, Fear and Destruction]

[During their rampage, Miyoko went to scout a town to test out his power. He was thirsty, and managed his way into a tavern where he met someone sitting near a table as if this person was expecting Miyoko. ]"