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Muse Karma Readings

So you say you need a Karma Reading*? Well, you're in luck Mister Rogue! The Muses can help! After a nasty incident with Girl and some green paint, we Muses have moved on from our old ways of dying cloth to that of the Soothsaying industry. That's right Folks, for the mere price of 50,000 coins, the Muses are ready and willing to read your Karma. A few rules do apply.

Firstly, since we are in Ancient Asia, we will offer this very special Karma reading to those people whose names only start with a SSJ or names enclosed by X's (i.e. XgohanX). Anyone with names that don't classify as 'In character' will be forced to run around Mythic in their underwear shouting 'I'm not worthy!!!' until the reading Muse decides that their sins have been forgiven and their spirit is now purified so that they may continue the reading. They will also be charged a 175,000 coin cleansing fee.

Second of all, we will only read your Karma if you complete a very simple quest for us. This quest is to greet us in an 'In character' fashion. Some examples of this would be 'gimme a karma read fOoL!?!!!!' or even more eloquently, 'READ KAMRA NOOOOW!!!!' Anyone who does not greet a Muse in this fashion will be forced to pay extra for their Karma reading. Our current fees are anywhere from 500,000 coins, to Sun Helmets, to personal favors (depending on the Muse).

So it's as simple as that, Folks! Need a Karma reading? Grab your friendly local Moose, follow the simple outline above, and you're on your way to knowing your Karma level!


Master Muse

* Muse Karma readings tend to be 7.3% accurate.

Muses are not to be held accountable for any inaccurate readings.