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Rhapsodie's Final Departure

For those of you that were here back in the days of Yuri 35, when Muses such as Krizia and Rhapsodie roamed this small circle of ours, I thought you might like to know what's happened to Rhapsodie. She had dissapeared without a trace, and a few days ago, I met her -- for the last time.

I had been walking along Dae Shore. It was such a beautiful evening; the sun was just setting, and the sky was painted yellow, pink, and purple. I sat on the beach, watching the waves swaying up on the sand, getting larger each time. Then, out in the distance, I saw something -- it was a figure of some sort. It was out on a rock, if I tried I could easily swim out to it if I tried. I looked harder. I could see a woman, with short brown hair standing on the rock, looking out into the sunset. Thinking she was in trouble, I took off the top of my mantle, and swam off to see if she was alright.

As I got closer and closer I couldn't help but notice that this woman looked oddly familiar. In fact, a thought came into my head. Could it be... Rhapsodie?

Finally, I came up to the rock, and stood up. "Excuse me... are you alright?" I asked. The woman turned around.

"S..Sinroe!" the woman exclaimed. Then, I realized. I was standing face to face with Rhapsodie, the Missing Muse!

"Rhapsodie, it's really you!" I exclaimed. She was smiling warmly. But something wasn't right. There was a certain look in her eye that told me something was wrong. "Where have you been?" I expected to hear something to the effect of, "I was travelling in Han," or "I was visiting a sick relative," like most people say when they return after a long time. But that's not what she said.

"I have been here, sleeping." Rhapsodie replied. She looked at the sunset again.

"...Sleeping?" I said, quite softly. Rhapsodie turned to me.

"Yes, I have been very tired." Something was strange about all of this.

"Well, would you like to come back to the circle with me?" I asked her, expecting a "yes." But what I got was a...

"I can't. I'll be leaving here soon." She said to me. As she said that, I thought to myself what a releif it was to have her back.

"Well, it's about time you left this rock. You've been gone since Yuri 36!"

"Sinroe, you've mis-understood. I am leaving this rock; but I am not going back to the kingdom."


"When the next wave comes, I will be gone with it." She said this with a both happy and upset voice. I was shocked; but then I realized her name finally made sense. And for some strange reason, I understood why she was leaving.

So we stood there, just staring off into the sunset. Then, in the distance, I saw a large wave approaching. Rhapsodie and I looked at each other.

"I guess this is goodbye..." We said at the same time. Then, Rhapsodie turned, the wave flew above us, and when it was gone, so was Rhapsodie.

And so another great Muse is gone... but somebody new to the circle reminds me a little bit about her... oh, and why was it she was leaving? I'll leave that to you to figure out. Until then, bye Rhapsodie!