Nexus Biographies


A Spy Scorned

~Eighth Moon, First Sun, Fourty-Seventh Year of Yuri's Reign~

As we Muses gathered tonight for our weekly Gathering, being held inside the Garden for the very first time, a waiting Spy opted to ruin our merriment. As I began to speak a bit of a commencement speech, a parchment fluttered down to the stage from the balcony above. I picked it up, and saw a post I had written earlier scribbled across the face of it.

I did not have much time to reflect on this, as the Spy Waterboy quickly made his prescence known, declared hostilities, and assaulted me. Of course, I had Ol' Stabby in my possession, and was able to defend myself, but Waterboy's assault persisted, and I soon found myself throwing trinkets from my pockets to fend off his attack. A purple blob of dye found his clothing, and he was even more infuriated.

He announced to those in attendance the fiendish Muse intent of destroying the Spy circle, and thus I realized and remembered what exactly was going on: After hearing a credible rumor that the Spies were sending apprentices to spy on our Circle's internal affairs, I created a quite false and threatening bulletin and posted it to the Musings board, with instructions to offer it to those interested in treacherous purchase of our internal information. Apparently, the rumors are true, and the Spies have recieved this post.

I shall not get into details of what exactly was written, but rather I shall return to the narrative of this past evening. After the exchange and the meeting of our blades, I called the Muses from the balcony to help defend our Garden. Waterboy then fled, with solemn declaration: "This is not over."

However, as he attempted to scurry up the balcony, he was met with resistance by Lokira. She attempted to halt his flight, and he shoved, then kicked her from the balcony onto the stage. I do not recall which was more horrifying; the thud of her body hitting the floor, or the audible cracking of the bone in her arm as her Faerie Light hit the ground.

Truly, the Spies have gone too far this time! Refusing to listen to reason, disrupting our Gathering, and breaking Lokira's arm! However, I am more concerned than enraged regarding their actions; the Spies are quite dangerous. Who knows what they have planned against the Muses next?

We must tread with caution.


~Muse Maestra~