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Tricking a Trickster (Nausica)

It was dark. It was so dark, that the darkness couldn't even attach itself to ASCII art or decorations. Yes, it was THE darkness. And for some reason, I was running through it. But it was catching up to me. THE darkness.

Ok, I was surrounded by it and anyone could say it was following me, or I was following it, because I was wholly and totally dang blamed immersed in it! So stop with the darkness already!

~swiftly recovers~

~smacks head into wall~

I told you it was dark!


I was really running, not from the darkness, but from this weird person. She wore all white, and bore a necklace with the symbol of a tiger emblazoned on it. She wore a hat crowned with a dead fish that flopped as she clamored after me.

I stuck my leg out. She tripped. And Baekhos are supposed to be good at traps and puzzles. HAH!

Her brand new and shiny nimble blade clattered on the stone floor of the cave. I followed the sound and grabbed it as the rogue pressed herself up, spitting out pebbles.

"Stop that! Give that back! It's mine!" she shouted.

I stopped and answered back, pausing in a fairly large room where my voice could not lead her to me. I found some light from some unusual glowing rocks. I stared at the long, thin steel item.

"What.. what.. Holy Orb, what -is- this?" I stammered.

A peeved voice answered back, "NIMBLE BLADE! Now give it back!!"

"It certainly doesn't -look- like a nimble blade.. In fact, hmm."

I waved my hand and gave the item a theatrical mask, then threw it into another room and stole myself away. In a few moments, thoughts invaded my head.

" What did you do to it??!?

> Me? Oh, nothing..

" How can a MUSE engrave..??

> Just a trick. It's temporary.. ~grins~ Think nothing of it.

" How temporary? I can't hunt with it like this!!

> Oh, it will wear off in a matter of days.. ~grins~

" DAYS? I can't wait that long; you --

I closed my mind to the voice and walked away, snickering over the

** Long Needle of Amniocentesis **