Nexus Biographies


The Cabaret Kidnapping

It was a normal, peaceful, uneventful cabaret. We had just finished with the closing number, when we noticed something odd: DustofSnow was missing. Thinking she had simply ran off, we did not dwell on it, until Aelis turned up missing as well. Soon after SilverSasami and Genre were heard kicking and screaming, attempting to get away from a kidnapper. The guild was sent into a state of panic, and worry ensued about who would be the next to be kidnapped, and what would be required of us to get them back.

We learned the kidnapper was LordDais, acting independently for his own means. His ransom was an odd one, involving the appeasing of his desire for culture. This was quite a strange twist from what the guild has dealt with in the past, as we were asked to perform for him as puppets. In times past we have had to deal with such things as Kiyone and Revels being kidnapped and ransomed off for millions of coins (though each time this happened, peaceful and clever means were used to avoid such things). However, this was different. Many acted rashly and attempted their own rescues; each trying to free those who had been wrongly imprisoned, on their own terms. However, each attempt merely infuriated LordDais whom felt his ransom demand was nowhere near outrageous.

He at first confronted the guild with his demands, giving them no time to prepare. Led by SkaDemon, the Muses performed an impromptu play of the "Female Pirates of Musedom." The actors performed passionately, yet the play came to a screeching halt when Lokira emerged from the Archives and began critiquing the play's merits and believability. Earlier in the week Ska had allowed her to delve deep into the Archives and research a theory she had. When she emerged she had no knowledge of the events that had transpired, and ruined what possibly could have been a great play. Needless to say, LordDais was not impressed.

Word must have gotten back to the kidnapped about our failed "Plan A" to free them, and they began to worry. Genre, being the strong impatient type, took it upon himself to break free of his captor's chains and avoid being recaptured. Unfortunately, after a valiant struggle to be free of his pursuer, he was found dead in the woods. He has since found new form in the physical world, yet his mind seems not to be that what it once was.

DustofSnow had taken ill under her captors, and they allowed her to walk freely, however they outfitted her as well as the other remaining captives with a special Life-restricting band that would tighten as the days went by, and would eventually spell their death. From there she managed to recover enough to be her normal healthy self.

Our dear Aelis developed a serious affliction while in the custody of LordDais. Being his hostage, she began to develop strange and endearing feelings for him. While it is not sure if these feelings are true or the product of stress, she seemed to think of nothing but being by his side.

As for SilverSasami, her abduction was cut short by Lathander. Trying to sneak in and rescue all of the Muses, he was ambushed and caught by LordDais. Lathander then submitted his life to be forfeit for the freeing of SilverSasami. LordDais considered his plea, and granted it, removing the Life Bands from Sasami and placing them, along with a special set fashioned specifically for Lathander, on him. With double the constricting force, Lathander was estimated to only have a few days left to live before the life was crushed out of him...

The Muse Guild had to act quickly. Ska had an idea, and quickly spoke with the extremely busy Lokira to put it into action. However, not to be one to place all of his eggs in one basket, he called for the Community to come to their aid. He titled this alternate attempt "Plan B," which consisted of playwrites from around the kingdom to unite and submit works which would possibly lighten LordDais' mood and cause him to free those captives. Many notable citizens entered, all with amazing works of art such as SparkleY's "The End of the Beginning", Geebo's "Greater Good", Vinyet's "Keepers of Shoppe", and TwinTania's "Love Story". However, the guild put its efforts behind a play by Ikivik called "Kill Girl Kill" for Plan B, with the others bearing the titles of Plan D, E, G, and H.

Their meeting was scheduled. Tea was prepared. The kidnapper, LordDais, and the nervous SkaDemon met, and exchanged what might be construed as pleasantries. Ska knew Lokira had worked for only a couple of days on his Plan C yet could not forsee the events of this evening. The distrusting LordDais even threw away a cup of the guild's famous Chaos-storm tea! But all worry drained away when Lokira emerged from the Archives, carrying one of the largest books any non-muse has ever seen.

"It is an anthology on kidnapping, a critical cross-section of past high-profile kidnappings to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses, to allow you for more successful and efficient kidnappings in the future," Lokira explained very matter-of-factly. At first LordDais was insulted, even throwing the book back in Lokira's face, until she opened it and allowed him to read a few passages. Suddenly his demeanor changed; he still claimed it was worthless and he wanted nothing to do with it, yet he could not take his hands off the book. He, however, still refused to release the Muses. It was then that Lokira started acting a little...strangely. She closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate on something, and then pointed to the book. The pages were blank! She claimed that she brought the book into being and thereby had the power to undo it. As such, a full copy of the book would require that LordDais free all of the Muses under his power. After a bit of internal struggle, he deemed it so. Lathander, still in his costume for Plan B, was rushed to LordDais where he attempted to free him. Unfortunately, LordDais didn't know how to. The enchantment on the bands was too strong, and he didn't know how to remove them. LordDais smiled after a few seconds, and said it wasn't his problem. He then vanished from sight. The community rallied around the now-endangered Muses, especially Lathander who was struggling to even stand with the six Life Bands that constricted his arms and neck. However, Lathander had been content to pass on, knowing SilverSasami was safe. His last request was to finish his last performance, the play he had prepared for.

A beautiful play it was. Thought the actors struggled to help Lathander perform his parts, it was an amazing spectacle of a play, bringing joy to all who watched it. At the curtain call, the actors formed on the stage and bowed, and an ovation was heard from both the crowd and the other Muses watching. Lathander collapsed on the stage, and his Life Bands snapped off, falling to the ground. As they did, more snaps were heard as Aelis and DustofSnow noticed their bands tumbling to the ground as well. The only explination is that all of the bands, sharing a common enchantment, were not LordDais' to command, but rather Cursed Life Bands of Culture, demanding an enjoyable creation of art to relinquish their hold on all who were afflicted with them.

Lathander now nurses his wounds, as the bands cut him deep. He had mere minutes before they would have tightened again and taken his life. Aelis still seeks her newfound love LordDais. DustofSnow is simply enjoying her time back at the guild. and Genre? Who knows what will happen with him..