Nexus Biographies


The Final Battle! (Kiyone)

With Apologies to STM...


by Muse Kiyone

[An eerie wind blows through the Vale as a sense of foreboding envelops. Walsuk, a woman with curled red hair, a blood-stained soup ladle, and a scowling cheek, enters. She looks around a bit, apparently lost.]

WALSUK: ...The Nexus is a Star.

[JaydePhoenix enters. She is surrounded by an aura of darkness, by that same sense of foreboding.]

JAYDEPHOENIX: So, we meet again.

WALSUK: How is Mhul doing?

JAYDEPHOENIX: How should I know, you loony old bat?! I do not meddle in the affairs of mortals!

WALSUK: Hey, friend. I haven't got the money now, but I'll get it to you.

JAYDEPHOENIX: Ignoring a long-held debt!? I will not tolerate this disgrace, tavern-wench!

WALSUK: I've seen many peasants rip of naive players.

JAYDEPHOENIX: It is YOU who is naive! Fool!

[JaydePhoenix points at Walsuk, as a bolt of lightning strikes her. An evil gate opens beneath her feet.]

WALSUK: I'll take your Darkstaff Piece. 1 of them.


[JaydePhoenix points at Walsuk, spirits flying from her fingertips, a melody of the cursed faintly playing. Walsuk meets them with a cold gaze, spins a few time, and suddenly lunges at JaydePhoenix brandishing her ladle. A deadly dance ensues, Walsuk's ladle clashing with the DarkStaff fragment. Finally, with a blow to the face, JaydePhoenix falls to the ground.]

JAYDEPHOENIX: How can this be!? The infinite power of the DarkStaff, crippled by a mere tavern wench!


JAYDEPHOENIX: PLEASE! Mercy! The DarkStaff's hold is gone on me! Surely you must have the kindness in your heart to spare a frail, corrupted old woman!

WALSUK: I don't have enough.

[The wind blows violently as JaydePhoenix's horrified scream echoes across the Vale.]