Nexus Biographies


The Littlest Muse (Whisper)

A Buyan poet, small I am,

Though not new to this land.

I read my mail, quite unaware

Great changes were at hand.

The Elder Muse, Kiyone, had seen

Me standing 'neath a tree,

And in an instant, singing goons

Laid forceful hands on me.

They dragged me to the woods, and then

On down a hidden stair.

And once within this place I shook

Pine needles from my hair.

A goat looked oddly at me in

Ways only goats can look

It bleated welcome and returned

To chewing on a book.

"Another new Muse" Girl then scowled,

"Another one to teach.

Well, teach you spells, I guess I will,

But stay out of my reach!"

It was indeed a strange day, and

At last my heart was filled

With light and joy and glorious song

Here in the Muses' Guild.