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Theory of Immortality (STM)

For years many people have wondered about how people become immortal. With the recent boom of immortals during the Yuri years, certain theoligians have come up with different theories. The following theory is the one most widely used by theoligians in recent years.

It is believed that only the greatest mortals may reach the next step to become immortal. We theoligians believe that immortals choose special mortals to join them in their high seats by how high their karma is and also by their intellegence.

We also believe that in order to become immortal, one must blend their body with their immortal soul, creating the immortal body. This is the one downpoint in becoming immortal- you forever lose your soul to live forever in your body.

In recent years during the reign of King Yuri, we have seen many people who have claimed the throne of immortal die. One theory is that the body of an immortal is like that of regular armors and weapons. It has a certain durability, and when that durability is low that immortal will lose power. Another theory is that the only way to kill an immortal is to prove that you are more powerful than him or her in a fight to the death. This part of the Immortal Theory has yet to be completed.

In summary, we believe that immortals make other mortals immortals. When one becomes immortal, he/she loses their soul forever to make their body invulnerable. The body of an immortal can only be defeated by wearing it down, or by defeating the immortal in a duel.

This theory of immortals was created by STM. This is only a theory and should not be considered correct until more evidence is acquired about immortals.