Nexus Biographies


The Tale of U-Suk

A long time ago there was a little Nangen child by the name of U-Suk, in their tongue meaning "Heavenly One." He was a happy little peasant who spent most of his time reading history books and such interesting titles as "Ee++ for You ++," "Karma," and "The Art of Mining." He was as I said, a happy little peasant. But due to some personal issues regarding another little Nangen boy, a stick and an apple, he was forced to leave his home and make the grand journey northward to the bustling metropolis of Kugnae.

Once in Kugnae, he found out that his name no longer meant "Heavenly One," but something not-so heavenly. Children U-Suk's age would laugh and point, chanting "U-Suk! U-Suk! U-Suk!" and throwing rabid squirrels at him as he walked through the streets. The young boy quickly became a recluse, making a small hole in the ground his new home. But even through all of his humiliation, he kept a stiff upper lip and pursued his true love: Poetry. Since he was a peasant, he had to use what he had in order to write. So using nothing but tree bark and a wide variety of beetles, he would sit in his hole and write the most beautiful and touching poems ever seen by human eyes.

Meanwhile in the Upper classes of Kugnae, there was a brave Il San warrior by the name of Kartus, meaning "One Who Spends Hours On End Primping in Front of the Mirror." Well, the brave Kartus was walking alone on the streets of Kugnae, looking for any type of trouble he can find, when he came upon a field of sleeping oxen. Kartus grinned to himself as he thought it would be funny if he would go around the field, tipping the poor oxen and waking them from their Oh So peaceful sleep. The first on fell with a loud thud, followed by a painful Moo, but as Kartus approached his next victim, he heard a loud booming voice that startled him.

"Why don't you do something better with your time! Like... Make Ee San!"

Kartus was shocked to see that an ox was addressing him.

"But how, Mister Magical Cow?"

The Ox snorted and gave him a Cowish glare. "Enter the Poetry Revel!"

So Kartus did. He jotted down the best poem he could and quickly attached it to a pigeon and flew it to Revels. At the same time, our young U-Suk still living in his hole shipped his poem off.

Then the time came to announce the winners. People from all over the kingdoms packed into Buya Theatre to see who was the talented winner this week. HumaOfLance, Revels, and a few other devoted Muses stood up front on the stage, smiling proudly as Revels announced the first place winner. She read the title and U-Suk's heart swelled with pride to see that he, a lowly peasant who lives in a hole in the ground and writes on tree bark... He won first place at a prestigious Poetry Revel.

"This it outrageous!!" Kartus yelled. "I'm an Il San Warrior! Why didn't I win?!"

"I'm sorry." Huma said, grinning sheepishly. "You lost because U-Suk."

The moral of this story? Don't listen to magical Oxen. They could just be a bunch of Bull.