Nexus Biographies


The Shimmering Sword

Tonight, as the full moon rose over the kingdom of Koguryo, the Muses and I donned our finest robes and gowns at the theater, in order to sing a precious song. This song, written in archaic text within Book Zero and translated within our archives, which would clear the murky darkness from the crystal orb forged by the Diviners. We had rehearsed tirelessly, and were just as eager to see what mysteries our song would unfurl as the community, gathering in large numbers, a quiet, rational, yet enthusiastic audience.

In order to better protect these sacred verses, I had left them in the care of Pond, Librarian of Koguryo. After all, any evil force would be more than willing to stop our singing, to prevent the Diviners' vision of a shining future from further development. Just moments before the show started, I went to retrieve the scores from Pond's care, where he had kept them among the most prized of his posessions. However, as I stepped out of his library, I was ambushed by a group of hideous haggard witches, who stole the scrolls from my grasp and flew off to the west.

The community quickly jumped to help us retrieve these scrolls, spreading out and searching all of Koguryo for the missing songs. Most of the community members stormed the Haunted House, where the haggard witches are known to live, only to find that they had indeed gone home after the assault, still carrying the scrolls in their claws!

Most certainly, they are not particularly intelligent beings to have done this! The brave members of the community slaughtered the hags, prying the various translated copies of the Clear Water Song from dead, ashen hands. All sixteen of the stolen scores were recovered, thanks to the valiant efforts of many fine members of the community, such as Laren, Twinkletoes, and Drakwen. With the lost scores recovered, we could continue with our recital, and after a rousing chorale, including the chants of the audience in helping to soothe the murky orb, the black inky vision gave way to a hazy picture of a shimmering sword!

Truly, the sword in this vision was a powerful and unusual one. I called Elder keely of the Do up from the audience to examine it, and she was truly mesmerized by its glow. Trying to recall if she had ever seen anything like it, she seemed to vaguely recognize its features, and asked to take the Orb, so that she could analyze it, comparing it among the vast library of weapons lore that the Do possess. I was more than happy to oblige, but asked that she exercise much caution; if a band of haggard witches would dare to leave their haunted home to attack an Elder JUST to prevent this vision from becoming a reality, then there's no telling who else might attempt to stop our shining future.


~Muse Maestra~