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Zmas Moosings (Bastet)

'Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the lands,

Screams echoed as people

Lost limbs, tongues and hands!

Old Justiclaus had risen,

Madder than ever;

She was crazy and frightful;

Oh the heads she would sever!

'On Slaughter, on Carnage,

On Bludgeon and Bloody!

On Slicer, on Dicer,

On Truncheon and Buddy!'


The Vale was soiled,

The grass bloody red,

As Justiclaus ordered

Her minions ahead.

Just then, in the din,

A small voice could be heard.

'Justiclaus -- why?'

Cried the voice like a bird.

Justiclaus stopped in her tracks,

Not making a sound.

A flick of the wrist brought

Her minions to the ground.

Before her stood a child,

With eyes of bright blue.

Well Ol' Justiclaus was puzzled,

Knowing not what to do.

She thought and pondered,

And pondered and thought.

Then she opened her mouth

To address the wee tot.

'Why child, it's true that

I despise this season.

But allow me to assure you,

it's not without reason.'

'Long ago, on this night,

Santa landed on my roof,

And his stupid-arsed reindeer

Crushed my dog under hoof!'

'My soul had been crushed;

Screw all the toys!

My heart would be cold

To all girls and boys!'

Admist the dying moans,

A loud bark sounded near.

The girl's giant mastiff

Bit Justiclaus in the rear!

'Augghhhh!' she screamed

And ran through the Vale,

A dog clamped to her rear,

And wagging his tail.

As the girl clapped with glee

And danced in delight,

A dying boy moaned,

' all a ...good..night...'

Goddess' Muse