Nexus Biographies


~The Zibong, the Muse, and the Garden

~Fourth Moon, Thirtieth Sun, Fourty-Eigth Year of Yuri~

As the Muses gathered for our special Dinner Theatre performance of Kessalia's play, "InSu's Delight," I met things with apprehension. Gabrial, who had performed the lead role of Erato in Souviens' "Lament of Erato," was still under a strange affliction that caused her to remain "in-character" as Erato, lamenting her lost "Prince." Gauging this to be some sort of mysterious personal ailment, I had the muses keep an eye on her for her own safety and went on to direct Kess's play.

The play occurred with phenomenal execution and was well-recieved by the audience, just as the first one was. However, as we took our final bows, I could not prepare myself for what was to happen. Not only did Gabrial retain the role of Erato, but now Greensky holds the role of a Zibong Slayer, QuickSand believes himself to be Mhul, Starmew insists she is a soldier in the Buyian Army, and Voom is trapped in the role of KaMing!

Elder Janken, Geomancer SemperF, and others in the community came to the Muse Garden, hearing my calls of alarm. The conclusion reached was that some sort of hex or curse lies in the Garden, and that is causing this disturbance. No solution or remedy was found, but I am certain that we must perservere. Our Dinner Theatre and other functions shall continue as always! We will not be beaten by such a ridiculous stunt on behalf of any who may wish to harm the Muses!

So, with that said... I will see you all for Skademon's Play.


~Muse Maestra~