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Nagnang Stories

During a recent visit to the Nagnang library I uncovered a short story about an old folk hero from the region. There is not much here, but it may help to share some better understanding of the stories from Nagnang.

There once lived a mighty warlord, who had a faithful servant mage. This warlord was the terror of the lands, and fought simply for the love of battle. His adventures did not take him very far, but he was forever falling into trouble. With every battle he would quickly use up anything he could find, hoping that it would give him more power to wage war with. His enemies quickly learnt of his plunders, and started using this against him. When the warlord attacked they would leave behind cursed magical charms that would tarnish his soul, and draw it away from purity, with the hopes of eventually killing him. His servant devised a magical way to release the tainted warrior of the curse, but at a great price. The warlord would have to clean himself of everything he had, all his powers and knowledge, before he could be cured. The sneaky mage used the payments from these services to build up his power.

After one rather long campaign the warlord and the mage found themselves in a palace of gold, the walls were so bright, and the sun shined brightly to make it almost impossible to see. The warlord in his usual fashion found a strange item glowing on the floor, and used it. This curse was greater than any curse before, and weakened the mighty warlord. The mage saw his chance, a weak and tired master was no challenge for him, or so he thought. He started his assault on the mighty fighter, with bolts of lightning. While the warlord was caught off guard, and weak, he was always ready for a battle.

Some say this one battle lasted days, and other say weeks. All that we do know for sure is that only one-person came out, the warlord. He never spoke of what happened in the palace after that day, but he frequently returned to the same place in his times of need. But with each visit he became noticeably weaker, until one faithful day he returned no more. His warring days had come to an end and he had finally fallen to his enemies.


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