Nexus Biographies



He launched out of the water. It glistened off his scales. He had waited for M'hul to come to this lake long ago. He knew M'hul would come to entreat the nymph nearby for valued advice.

The two went through a deadly dance. Moonlight flashed off of M'hul's blade, and showed the pallour of Sagu's serpentine hunger.

Sagu is old. He was plagued with a love, once for Mupa. But years ago Mupa was cast out of the Kingdoms. She became a witch. He followed her footsteps out of desperation, and blames Yuri and his family for what he has become today: a vile warlock. He has often revealed himself as a serpent as his heart has become so cold.

He nearly died in unearthing the Key to Mountain from where only he has discovered.

At a time of power he connected the Vale to the Kingdoms. He knew the hearts of the mythos would heal his own cold heart. He offered his Key to Mountain to the first clan to recover two of these. The clans slew each other of it.

He worked his magic to craft a Darkchild. The Darkchild called up dark creatures to invade Koguryo. The streets were overrun with plague-carrying rats. Desecrated warriors within the mythos and deep within the Vale came alive. Sagu himself slew many and attempted to slay King Yuri's envoy. When he saw his cause was hopeless he antagonized the heroes that came to destroy his Darkchild. He, himself was broken. Vanion, a great poet of the Bear Clan, killed himself and their spirits spoke with each other. Yuri, distressed by the invasion, called his son, M'hul, back home. M'hul aided the heroes Cable, Winzip, and others to destroy the Darkchild.