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IT seems I had missed a very important page in Desvet's journal. The last two were stuck together.. Let me see.. ahh yes.. This sheds much more light on what she found..


Yuri 40, 5th moon, 14th Sunday

My last night in Hausson. Seems the days passed so quickly that I feel an ache in my heart to leave such good people, but I know I return where I am most needed, which is back home.

The people here were so warm, in contrast to the cool sea breezes that swept over the land that it became a joy to welcome each day as the sun and the wonderful smells from Min's kitchen woke me.

For my last meal here, I asked Min if she would pack a meal so that Haggard and I may have a meal in the tavern. His knees, achy from the many years of service at sea, were even more so pained due to the coolness which had fallen over the nights, that even the small walk to Min's shop caused him much discomfort. Min, the blessed soul that she is, not only packed a meal, but set up a wonderful table in Haggard's tavern, complete with fresh blooms which had come from the mainland.

Sitting across the table from Haggard, I asked him, "Are you happy here? I know of your aching knees and have seen you many a time sit at the window, looking out with such reverie."

He rubbed his hands, thumbs in palms. "Aye, I am happy. My younger days were spent quite boisterously, on the blessed sea. That is the life of a seagoer, whose feet should always be baptized with the waters of the sea. The winds guide us where we are to adventure."

He then cupped his chin, a day's growth of hair shadowing chin and looked back at me in wonder and a glint of youthfulness in his usually tired eyes. "I spend my days remembering those days of old, with the winds at my back, the sea rocking the ship, the friendships I made at sea. Not with bitterness, mind you, but with fondness. I know I shall return there as well."

I inclined my head in query. "Oh? You have made plans to return to the seafaring days and leave the tavern?"

His face lit up, a smile crinkling his scraggly features. "Aye, I know the sea is a faithful one to those faithful to her. I have been a very good servant. I know she will take away these achy bones and welcome me once more to sail her seas, with the wind behind me once more. That is more than a simple hope, mind you. It is an unspoken promise made from the first days I set my feet upon the deck of one of her ships."

I nodded, understanding the wisdom and steadfastness of his belief and smiled back. We finished off the meal, with Haggard regaling me with old tales and his dreams of his new ones to come, the glow of optimism paramount in his every word.

"May the winds carry your feet home, good Haggard."

"Aye, that it shall. Yours as well, and may you carry with you these experiences to share with the ones back home."