Nexus Biographies


Flaick's Vision

After a long walk i reached the shrine of Ohaeng, giver of balance. He welcomed me as one of his children and pointed to one of the corners of the silent hall. I walked over and the only thing I heard was the sound of my walking-stick that had given me strength and will througout my travels. I put some roses around me and sat down, slowly breathing, counting every breath until my consciousness lost focus and I fell in deep trance.

Visions of countless people I recently had encountered in the halls of Blight,

angered, cursing, yelling at each other ...

attacking with no strategy, hardly prepared to encounter the strong guardians of the forsaken ...

their faces floating around me as the seeds of dandelion.

In spiral movements their greedy grimaces tried to suck me

with the power of a maelstrom.

I raised my hand.

I heard a sound.


I opened my eyes. All was calm ... so peaceful.

Just one simple sound was all that had stopped the vortex.

The sound of one hand clapping.

I slowly rose, took the pole that had served me on so many walks, left the roses as a donation to the inspiring peace of balance and walked home. I will inform Elder Devion of my vision. It is so simple, yet overheard by so many:

Mind Before Hand.

*bows with an elightened smile*