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Flairck's Watchful Eye

Flairck did see something within all that Woolfe had said.. There seemed to be a truth within it.. It appears though Woolfe seemed to have failed.. Perhaps he had found the hardest lesson this world has to teach.

I will post what Flairck was heard saying.


Dear brother Woolfe,

good to see you in this circle again. You were on a difficult mission that already has startled another guide. The task on this last vision seems to be a diffuclt one. Our elder sent us out to proove and research the vision he had. This last one must be a true challenge!

Do not despair, though, brother. I sense that your mission did not fail completely. You do not come home pretending something, you did not encounter. You come home humble, leaving all the pride behind, with which you had left. Take a moment to think about it ... and you will clearly see :)

*bows with a smile*