Nexus Biographies


In Tune

"Come, follow me," a robed, elderly man told his pupil. "Sit here. I have a wonderful song I'd like to share with you."

With anticipation, the young pupil sits himself upright in the tall grass

eyeing the robed man before him, awaiting for him to open his mouth and sing a wondrous tune. The robed man smiles at his pupil, takes a deep breath but does not produce a sound.

A dove coos atop a gallant tree.

A buzzle of sound is heard to the east.

A child is screeching in despair.

A calm stream mutters in monotone.

A woman's voice is heard, laughing.

Several horse trots are heard afar.

.. a short time passes and the pupil begins to speak, "Teacher, were you going to sing me a song?"

The teacher places a finger to his mouth to hush his pupil. "You are missing the best part."

At that moment, the pupil notices that the buzzle of sounds had ceased.


Guardian of Star