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Janken's Vision

It dawned on me then. The image of my younger self and my tutor began to fade and I leaned forward against my knees. A time for all things. Waiting for the right moment to spear the fish.. working toward goals rather than skipping ahead and meeting them prematurely.. not reading the last bit of a story before reading it from beginning to ending..

Patience. Such a hard thing for so many of us to exercise. We want the knowledge now, not later.. we want money now, not later.. we want acclaim and prestige now, not later.. we want to achieve this thing or that accomplishment, but we do all within our power to get there as soon as possible. I want Il san, leech me? I want Ee san, write me a good poem for 50,000 gold? We don't want to have to actually work for what we achieve or attain..

We have so little patience for ourselves and others, yet it is one of the most spoken of virtues in life. We need to relax and breathe.. we need to walk more slowly and enjoy the view along the way.. we need to understand that there is indeed a time for all things and allow things to run in their own courses as we move in ours. We need to realise the preciousness of time and enjoy every moment, every memory, every detail of life around us. We all need a little more patience.

"Notice...that there is nothing here to disillusion you Ten..the sounds you hear..the landscape you see, it is all in it's most true form, no one telling you lies, no other opinions to sway you, what you are surrounded by, everything you the truth.." she said

I slowly nodded, then she countinued

"Being true to yourself, and true to can more easily focus on your goal" she concluded

"I see..but what goal?"

no respones



"Makoto..*" she softly replied

Makoto..was the last thing I heard before I found myself back in the lotus position, staring into the vast sky..I had realized that living by truth..being true to others..and to yourself..must be part of the the new way of life Devion had seen in his vision..picking up my didn't feel like a weapon felt like felt alive and how I had felt when my grandmother was speaking to me. So with that, I now return to Koguryo, and to my let my family know that in order to find true oneness, one must be true to themself, and those they meet.

*Ten(childhood nickname for Janken..derived from Tenshi, meaning Angel )

*Hai (Yes)